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  1. _Trestan

    Your hair!!! Omg gorgeous

  2. Rita Richardson

    I am in this exact energy. I have a cancer moon. I know it's time to let my marriage go. I've tried everything to make it work but my guides are screaming let it go. Confirming I've done everything I could and it's not moving forward for a reason. I love him, but he's done some really twisted shit to me. I have forgiven him and remained loyal even after my previous attempts to go. 4 children and 15 years later…God is like…ENOUGH. The 3 is a very significant number for me. 333 as a synchronicity consistently. And no coincidence that I'll be 33 in the year 2020 signifying my year of abundance. I just need to make a move. 444 keep going is also significant. I love your channel. The messages are very clear. Peace and blessings.

  3. mike the knight

    I really like the new deck .and you lookin ffly too 😜 can't wait for next content keep up the great work.

  4. faith constentine

    🙋‍♀️🎤💥MIC DROP spot on….

  5. Dreya K

    Chills…. straight chills. I feel like I am being forced to surrender. I have always smoked & always drinked socially through the good and bad. But after the devastating blow I was dealt two months ago(I get over shit in a week,if that) , I feel like I’m changing, my life is changing, but all for the better and the biggest part of that is my unhealthy habits. It’s like God is forcing me to get out of my way, almost like he is tired of me. Like he has something so special in store for me and it’s in my purpose to get there. I feel such a strong energy pressing me to heal, and heal fully. Learn but learn greatly and permanently. Lately, I’ve had vivid daydreams of what is coming and it’s beautiful, so beautiful it scares me. But the fear entices me, makes me want to surrender to get there. This reading was so accurate to me and my life. I been through a lot coming from Philadelphia. But I never knew this kind of pain. I’m not depressed but I feel defeated. It’s weird and to many I won’t make sense. But I’m doing it all, writing, talking, & singing. I’m diving deep into the relationships with my family and friends. They cherish me & I cherish them. I’m not hurt by what happened, I’m hurt by the lessons and self reflection I was forced to face. So here I am… raw…. naked… alive…strong…. & here. I’m here. I value each day & make the best of it. I know this is going to be a long journey but I’m here for it because I fear nothing but God. I am blessed to be loved enough to be forced to surrender. My time, & my bullshit is up. No way around that. So I welcome her, I welcome the woman I am becoming because she will be the greatest person I ever knew. Much love. Much respect. Queen… Thank you 🙏🏽

  6. Princess Jae

    5:25 the reading starts 🖤

  7. Amy Cross

    Wow…just wow. Spot on.

  8. SEeSaW6921

    Sissssstarrrrrr 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Kathy Rose

    Right On! What I needed to hear. I love the new spread, especially the gold cards. I like the round cards with the reading better than the Native book you used before. Thank you for sharing your Gift. 🙏

  10. Kayla Marie

    I have cancer rising and venus in cancer in my chart. This reading resonated so much and hit me on a soul level. Big up! <3

  11. YouTube Watcher 1111742

    “Do not let fear trick you into thinking your not ready” thank you. I love you ♋️♋️♋️♋️ you always make me feel right (:

  12. ixJoAnnexix3

    It’s always a pleasure to see you.🤗 Thank you 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

  13. Michal Villafana

    I just think you and your readings are awesome 😎 Plus you’re very beautiful

  14. Earth Phoenix

    You be on it, just had an interview for a nonprofit 💜🙏🏾

  15. Suzie Grenier

    Thanl you very much

  16. daniela garcia

    Thank you! As always so on point and helpful ! That’s exactly where I am at so ready for this new outlook and beginning ! Stay strong and blessed you’re doing great things for people ❤️

  17. Verum bellator

    Wow! You hit it!

  18. The FadedGallery

    During my prayer.. my guides told me there was a video for me to watch and this is the one !!

    – sending light and love your way 💛💛

  19. Julie Tigermoon


  20. Janet Cruz

    It’s so good to see you back queen. Thank you for your energy in this reading. ❤️ + ✨

  21. Empathy Says

    Five minutes in and I’m already crying

  22. Lisette Ramos

    Thank you so much so much for sharing. Many blessings to all. 🙏❤🧡💛💚💙🦋

  23. Tishak 22

    Needed this ❤️👏🏽

  24. Joesph Harbor

    Aboot? Sound like a upper or a canuck! Damn, now i miss my cancer, she was into body painting too!

  25. Joesph Harbor

    I read five years ago your head or your heart would have to win before you would ever be at peace. So i comprimised, i do what my heart tells me and laugh when my head calls me a fkn idiot. Makes for some funny conversations lol.

  26. Angela L.

    Deep & thank you

  27. Jennifer Jones

    Dude, thank you. Something in this reading hit me solidly in my soul. Spark in the center of my knowing now. Cancer ascendant

  28. Joesph Harbor

    Thats right, im a fkn unicorn!!!

  29. Maryann Fowler

    Tears run from eyes, your words are healing, much love

  30. daqueene181

    This is why I f*ck with you. You always keep it 💯

  31. Brittany Edwards

    It's absolutely dead on to the created art oriented from sex and careers and for me photography

  32. Joesph Harbor

    Doing time and jangalang was trying to pitch woo, pretty close lol.

  33. Angie Sanchez

    Yesssss hair !!!

  34. Joesph Harbor

    Ah snap, that face is the masterpiece!!!!

  35. Christopher Humphrey

    Awesome!, Thank you! I love the reading. The first deck really resonated with me. Really dug it.
    Thanks again and take care.

  36. consuela gaines

    When you mentioned about the grief and the stress and family, friends not taking it well, hit home. My son took his life 3 months ago, my father succumb to his illness 7 months ago and its life changing but it's more of how we've been treated after and since then by family, that has made this grieving process even harder. While trying to press on and do what I was doing before all of this is some rough shit. AS OF RIGHT NOW I SURRENDER ALL OF EVERYTHING, CUZ I WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE AND HAPPINESS. IM TIRED OF HURT, DISAPPOINTMENT AND LOSS! I SURRENDER ALL!! I Thank you for confirming that this process as hard as it is is well worth it. 😘🥰✊🏾🧘🏾‍♀️

  37. Teria Agee

    Thank you Queen. You have no idea how much you help me! Booking a reading as soon as I can!!! (Soon)

  38. Chef Chrissy & Kids

    Let me bust my secret one I know I’m a sweeter thing so that’s soft but I love my boyfriend but scared to share my real soft side I refuse to go threw any heart break ever again he’s a fire sign also 🥴

  39. Brittany Edwards

    You are amazing I absolutely love your work and that your down with the sickness of smoking herb as I'm a Heyoka Empath it definitely helps keep me grounded!100%

  40. Camille Martinez

    Namaste 🙏 Beautiful

  41. Mia Shalon

    OMG!!! I wrote a poem about being imprisoned and the doors were Unlocked the entire time!!! 💚💚💚💚

  42. Mia Shalon

    Sending you L💚VE and BLESSINGS 🦋🥰 You Rock Hard💚‼️


    It's a privilege and honor to listen. Thank you!

  44. Jazzmine Bince

    I'm at work right now. However, I'm going to wait to watch this so I can light up with you. 🙂

  45. Chef Chrissy & Kids

    Hair looking good goodie bumba I didn’t even listen yet might have to comments 🥰

  46. Branson 83

    Feeling the hair 👍

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