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  1. sarahelizabeth1882

    I bought the Lunar Beauty Moon Spell palette based solely on your review. Then I went back and watched Manny’s launch video. It spoke to my soul:) I was not disappointed. It is beautiful:) ❤️

  2. Stacy Archer

    Goddess palette is literally the same as the Gold Palette from Natasha Denona

  3. Pranjal Shah

    Your top is sooo cute!

  4. Bottle Solvent


  5. TheMimilija

    This is has nothing to do with the video but I love your gray roots! My hair has started to go gray this year even thought I'm only 22 y.o. and I was thinking about dyeing it soon but seeing you rocking your roots I decided that there's no point in doing that. You look lovely!

  6. TerriLee Nifty and Thrifty

    I always enjoy these videos❤️ I In fact, your favorite videos are the only ones that I watch. You are entertaining and honest, those characteristics are not always present as I'm sure you know 😊 Miss you all sooooo much! I had my last chemo treatment a week ago and as soon as my strength returns I'm going to try to film an update 😊 I hope you'll give it a look! 😄

  7. Please Be Kind

    Does Candles by Victoria ship to Canada?
    Edited: YES! I emailed her and she replied quickly. Yeah for Canada.

  8. Maria Fay

    Love what you do…..period.

  9. Serena.Saint.James

    Holy shit those candles are amazing, I'm so bummed about the shipping to Canada though because I have no idea what the border fees would be and they don't include them 🙁 I hate when stuff is really more a US thing instead of an accessible thing, we get the short end of the shipping stick here.

  10. Judy L

    You had me till the Lunar pallet Sorry no go for me

  11. Lisa Parker

    Hi There Fellow Gemini 🙂

  12. kristine-the-cat-queen

    Love to see a purple look from the Lunar palette! Go crazy!

  13. Natasha Alyxandrya

    I am a little surprised at your no. 1 pick, but I'm even more convinced to buy it at payday.

  14. Creation of Jade

    Thanks for the candle reminder!! I was literally looking at them right before clicking this video 😍😄

  15. Lynne Belle

    I do wish I could purchase anything from Alter Ego. Unfortunately, they do not ship internationally 🙁

  16. Helene H.

    Love love love the lip color in today’s vid!

  17. Lydia Chávez

    Jen I LOVE your top!!!!!

  18. Denise Fincher

    Jen you constantly impress me, not only with your fairness and thoroughness of your research and rating of products, but I love how big your heart is. What a wonderful cause you are donating to. I used to teach and it made me so sad to see children that came to school without even the most basic supplies, much less not having the kind of clothing necessary for the climate they live it. God bless you!

  19. Shirley

    I picked up both of the Alter Ego palettes and I completely agree omg they are both fabulous & super easy to blend. Love them!

  20. BeautyWearsBoots

    Can someone please explain lunch debt? As far as I'm aware, in my school district when I was a kid, any child whose family was below a certain income level received "free" or "reduced price" lunch and possibly breakfast (based on income). I grew up in a town where we had the tax base to afford this, and would like to better understand what is happening in lower income areas.

  21. tracyfrogandfuzzy C

    Lunar Beauty has great customer service too. I had a cracked eyeshadow and they sent me a whole new palette. I was very impressed.

  22. Shirley

    My favorite part of this type of video is the typewriter 😁 brings back memories of high school which shows my age lol!

  23. oneillbrown

    I ❤️ that you, your channel, and your viewers help support such meaningful causes. I am a new subscriber and I honestly can't think of another channel that I've been so excited to continue following! Looking forward to seeing all the content that you put out and I'm super psyched about checking out those candles! They look scrumptious!

  24. SaucerJess


  25. Anji L

    The Alter Ego Goddess Palette is great! I bought mine after finding I had a gold deficiency in my collection and seeing a bunch of positive reviews. No regrets!

  26. drkellyncsu

    why is school lunch debt a thing?? breaks my heart.

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