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  1. Andréa Matillano

    Thank you so much for watching my videos! I appreciate all of you! 💗 What do you want to see on my channel during November?

  2. Joanna Kisses

    You say 'lock into place' a lot 😄

  3. TIME with KC

    wow 4 times a week! props to you sis that's tough

  4. Paola Frias

    I feel like I’m always commenting on how you look but truly you look amazing! Super happy, a glow about you, hair is shiny and makeup on point! Also love favorite and fail videos

  5. Grace Diana

    Love your look and the Identity palette❤️

  6. Bettina Lobo

    Love these vids!! I would love to see a “Holiday gift ideas for her” using some of your fave products and/or holiday sets (even if you own them or not – a picture works fine). Maybe things to add to stockings!

  7. Clara Barrera beautyisageless55

    I would love to see the eye look you are wearing in this video, hugs, Clara

  8. Diane Fleming

    This is a pretty look for you. The colors suit you and are flattering.

  9. stefie808

    Hair and makeup tutorial on this look. Gorg!!!

  10. Louise Sharpy

    I do love all you videos. And now we have more eaCh week ? Yes please. I also love seeing what you like. I trust you and love watching you. ! Thanks for all your hard work

  11. Little Miss

    Mel is bomb!!

  12. Little Miss

    Can't believe how much you've grown and how gorgeous you are!..so mature and professional.. all the best 😉

  13. Deborah Maldonado

    I would enjoy to see your favorite products from one brand at a time, like top 5 or top 10.

  14. Julija Graham


  15. Rei Life

    Been loving all these uploads!

  16. Anastasia Jagodzinski

    I LOVE your loose waves, I have thin hair and wish I could have hair like yours that holds a wave/curl! I know you don’t have thin hair but are there any specific products that you could recommend that would help? Thanks! 🙂

  17. Ciera Hughes

    Misunderstood is my favorite palette. I've learned I personally lean more toward those high sparkles shades like in that palette and a lot of Anastasia palettes. That is my main reason for buying Anastasia now, so it's nice to know to hold off on the Carli palette until I can compare the shimmers to what I know and love in person.

  18. Jackie Korras

    I am living for this makeup look on you! You look stunning! 😍🙌🏻 I would definitely love to see some Throwback tutorials on older palettes such as Modern renaissance, Dream St etc! 😀

  19. Samantha Gaudet

    What did you think of the packaging of the Carli palette ? I hate it. So underwhelming. I was hoping for so much better.

  20. Valeatrah Lyn

    Maybe this is too close to a fails video, but I love videos about products that people wanted to love but didn’t for whatever reason.

  21. Izabela Wysocka

    You look stunning today! 😍

  22. anitak315

    Hi Andrea another outstanding video congratulations you are an amazing young lady so professional congratulations 🎉🎊 looking forward for more. May the good lord bless you and guide you always!!! As always sending you a huge hug sweetie 👍😘

  23. Andrea Pache

    I would love to see a tutorial using the Misunderstood palette. I love the colors but I have a hard time coming up with looks using it!

  24. Andreia Gomes

    Who thinks that Essence/Catrice company should send some of Andréa's favorites and all the products of All About Matt powders put here a like.

  25. Natasza Zurowska

    If you want a similar colour story to the carli bybel palette definitely have a look at the nabla dreamy

  26. FitnLovinit

    Return the Carly palette and get the smoke show because I want your review lol. I’m sure I can use blacks in other palettes and silvers but I’m mainly interested in the grey colors since I don’t have those.

  27. Amy Corchado

    Will you be returning the Carli palette? I have been reading a lot of reviews on the palette and a lot state the same thing that the colors arent great i even asked carli on Instagram as to why she though the colors aren’t working well or if she had any recommendations to make the shimmers work better and she said there was too many haters on her palette then erased my question which got me disappointed because I didn’t ask anything bad and I never expected her to erase it or be shady so I’m kinda dissapointed in her.

  28. Cierra Nicole

    I would love to see something like a "shadow supplements" video! Where this idea came from; I LOVE the colourpop 9 pan monochrome palettes and rarely buy singles because I have no idea how to pick colours but I also wanna try supershock and jelly much shadows. I think it'd be so cool to have like a 9 pan mono chrome palette with some suggestions on colours of jelly much and super shock that would give a boost to that palette or something like that! 🙂
    Hope I explained that well

  29. Helena Meow

    I’d love to see your hair care 😍

  30. Natasza Zurowska

    I love Mel too 😍 she's such a positive person

  31. Erica Poff

    I want to see new makeup brush reviews or indie brands. Clionadh cosmetics has a very pretty brush set. Or even BH cosmetics has some pretty brush sets, like lavender luxe.

  32. Melissa k

    I am now addicted to colourpop thanks to you lol

  33. Jada Bruer

    I LOVE the shade frog! It's even pretty just on it's own!

  34. Watermelon Gal

    Thank you so much for sharing your favorites! I appreciate these videos because I find them helpful!

  35. Amanda Taylor

    How do you get colour pop super shock shadows to stay put? I always have sparkle dropping all over my face all day! 🙁

  36. Erica Virginia

    I would love to see more declutter videos! They’re some of my favorite ones that you’ve done 🙂

  37. Shara Kirkby

    Yes theBybel was underwhelming for me too. Changed it for another pallet.

  38. Sara Schaefer

    Frog & birthday wish are my favorite super shocks. So so sooo good!

  39. Jenny Carey

    Hey could you do make up videos on drug store good and bad. Please 😊

  40. Mrs Unnecessary

    Reading through the comments I was struck by how kind and faithful you are to responding to requests. It's an inspiring thing to see an influencer so sweet and responsive to their subscribers.

  41. Lydia Laticia

    You are looking absolutely gorgeous
    Although I can't relate
    I still love your videos though

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