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  1. Kristin Harper

    I hate the Flamingo razor as well!! It does a terrible job and my blades rusted so quick, gross!!

  2. Julie Donohue

    Great video …thanks 😊

  3. Greer B

    Flamingo razors are the worst!!!!! I was recommended Billie razors. I also love Gillette!

  4. ktmfam

    It's disappointing to see your support of J*. While he did vow to be better, his social media tells a different story. Handing him your $ and encouraging others to do so is akin to cosigning his behavior.

  5. Just Sheilz

    Im all for giving people second chances…..however as a white woman, I dont think I can forgive him on behalf of his racist past. Thats something only a black woman can do if they feel its worthy.

  6. Heather Allred

    I HATED razor too! Bought for packing and cute design

  7. -Nellie -m

    Are you going to get Tati’s eyeshadow palette to review, would love a more mature Youtuber to give their thoughts on it….Another Great video…. Much Love from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺💖💖

  8. Lisa Alvarez

    I LOVE the Becca Hydroboost Powder. My new favorite! 💗

  9. Brandi Chase

    I hate that razor! I used it 3 or 4 times and threw it away 😡

  10. Love Cornetto

    Ohhhh.. I need this IPhone Case… but nobody in Germany sells it 🤨

  11. angiewalton1

    If ONLY a razor was a razor!!! 😂🙌🏻 I thought it was just me!

  12. Ubjillin

    I agree about the Flamingo Razer! I wanted to find a less expensive option to Gillette but this is not it!!!

  13. Suzanne Melton

    Fun Fact about the various Ouai product scents…
    I agree, they all smell Soooo good! Last year I was thinking they needed to bottle those scents as perfumes. Well, they do! There are 3 or 4 different ones. I have the Rue St Honore one and its the same scent as their hair oil. I got it at Sephora last year. Highly recommend them! ❤️

  14. Lisa Ray

    Bai is super bad for you. An article came out about it. Search it up!

  15. Cynthias stylemua

    Hi Stephanie, you could always put the eye mask on a makeup palette first then put it on your eyes. Then you won't contaminate the cream. 😁 💜 Hope that tip helps. 😁 💜

  16. kari fox

    The planet does not need any more plastic bottles. Can we not flavor water in reusable bottles?

  17. Julie Bajer

    The flamingo razor is the worst!!! I couldn’t even suffer through the extra cartridges, I threw it all away!!! I switched to Billie, but think I’ll go back to men’s razors.

  18. Stephanie Reibling

    I LOVE the Bai beverages, but it has caffeine. So I can’t drink it at night. It is written tiny on the bottle and you have to search for it…

  19. Sabrina Panero

    Love your videos Stephanie! How do you compare the CT corrector to the Bobbie Brown one? Xx

  20. Daphne Eastburn

    Oh, I so agree with you regarding the Flamingo razor. It is the absolute worst!

  21. Debora Hanley

    I think you look awesome w/the lighting

    I love you in those pink tones

  22. Debora Hanley

    You should try the Dollar Shave Club, best razor I’ve ever used and refills are mailed to ya when ya want.

  23. Christine Crowley

    Had to laugh when you were holding the Jeffree Star concealer, you looked like a pretty princess waving your magic wand lol 🙂

  24. Meredith Walsh

    Thank you for warning me away from the Flamingo. I ALMOST bought it in Target a couple days ago. I had the Billie but I hated it, the razors felt like there were little rusty pieces on it when you'd shave and it just hurt.

  25. Tanya B

    I have to say, I am ghosting the ghost palette this year. I already have 2 of the shades and still loving on last years HG palette-that was extra special! I just purchased the JF concealer. As a grandma of 2 amazing granddaughters, I want my outside to reflect how I feel inside. In my mind I am still in my early 30’s and a bad a$$! Lol.

  26. Erica Snider

    Your subscribers are growing so much! You deserve it, love your channel

  27. nerdyknuckles

    My mom also loves Bai. She has me pick up the multipack from Costco often!

  28. Jennifer Frasher

    Omg. Too funny was just thinking that about that razor. Definitely a fail.

  29. Deann Jarman

    Hello! Another great video! I also believe in giving others a second chance. No-one is perfect! I hope you have an amazing week!

  30. Renae Brook

    Where’s Luke??? Miss my little buddy

  31. Stephanie Wick

    Hey there so lately I have been watching alot of your videos. I have the same issue under my eyes as you, they do not get puffy they are opposite and they like sink in. What do you use for that?

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