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  1. Elenaki

    Please make a video with this makeup look..

  2. Veronica Vannini

    I love the LV bag!!!!!

  3. camey walker


  4. amina cheraa

    Yesss monthly favorite 👌🏻😘😘😘

  5. Vilunda T.

    Bag collection plss 🥳

  6. Ace Hardy

    Dress to impress 💯

  7. Jelena Belosevic

    volim modu i volim da slusam tvoje savete i volim mesecne favorit videe

  8. MrsHB2011

    More monthly favourites please Tamara x love it ❤

  9. Sari Lorber

    Yes, continue! You do the best!

  10. Nergiz Aliyeva

    I like your monthly and yearly favourite videos keep doing it😊

  11. Mary Brain

    Love your monthly favourites

  12. ihatejasonchow

    monthly favourite and unboxing hauls are my favourite of yours!

  13. LeAny

    That blouse looks amazing and decent 😊😊

  14. Angie Ulie

    Yes yes ye! More favorites

  15. Bianca Fernandez

    Yes. Film monthly favorites 😊

  16. Rose Girl

    That Chanel knit is fabolous! Kisses from Sydney. Come over and visit this magical continent🇦🇺P.S. you looks so happy&confident, I can’t imagine which designer will be your choice for your
    wedding dress 🥰 Maybe Vera Wang 🤗 After watching your videos, I always feel happier&I get dress nicely and put some makeup on. You have positive influence, I can definitely say that you are influenser who share love&positive lifely vibes ❤️

  17. Elle L

    Yes, please continue your monthly favorites. You're one of my top fashion channels.

  18. Nubianette

    Favorites are interesting, and maybe good to be able to reference due to the title.

  19. Elena Vargas


  20. Omee T

    Or a favorites video with a guy friend etc. Or you styling one of your friends

  21. Omee T

    Love ! Do a shipping video with one of your guy friends. For men’s fashion inspo for me. I watch you religiously cuz you’re awesome but yeah… I can’t buy women’s clothing 😉

  22. Holly Stiener

    Favorites every month please!

  23. S Douglas

    Your pink top is very pretty and I plan to read that Malcolm Gladwell book.

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