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  1. Jenn Teal

    That minty green matte shade on your eyes is SPECTACULAR! I am legit in love <3

  2. Gisela Vianney

    Mermaid vibes for sureee 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️

  3. Elizabeth Catherine Sample

    Are you planning on reviewing the new smashbox foundation? I have almost identical skin to you so I want to know your opinion on it!

  4. Erin Randall

    Have you tested the foundation by Believe (from dollar general)?? If not You NEED to try it! It's amazing. I think you'd love it

  5. amandariddle333aly

    These are my results with basically every foundation I have tried. I feel your pain.

  6. jj_ beauty00

    It’s so weird..your skin looks flawless from far away and then you zoom in like….damn. Backup girl! Weird. It’s a pass.

  7. E FJ

    Should i get this or milk makeup blur foundation? I've oily skin

  8. ifthisisntlove

    It’s crazy how people are saying this looks dry and caked on them!! It looks great on me and I love it, yet i always have problems with dryness and caking with other foundations 🤷🏼‍♀️ it must have something to do with water vs silicone bases

  9. Grace Portugal

    More excited for the heck yeah shirt than this foundation.. 😝😝😝😝

  10. Amanda Rose

    Any foundation will cling to dryness. How about you exfoliate and moisturize before trying a new foundation.

  11. jbdjessa2

    Could you do an updated favourite makeup brushes video, please!? ❤️😊

  12. Katie Fuentes

    Can you please review the new Charlotte tilbury flawless foundation

  13. Megan Phillips

    Are you doing curly girl method? Loving your natural hair!

  14. Arielle The Little MUA

    Please review the new smashbox foundation!!! Tati loves it, but I need your opinion!

  15. Jale Beecham

    That end of day feeling when you just want to get it off!!!!! 😂😂😂

  16. Rowan Dawn

    Don't give up! Maybe try changing your moisturizer to something less hydrating. I found I had the same issues with my Urban Decay foundation. I switched moisturizers and not it's so much better!!

  17. xKjx

    this one on it's own really isn't great, but I've found it mixes well with other foundations and they help to keep it looking good throughout the day for those who have bought it and can't return it 👀best combo I've found so far is this and the CYO life proof, just make sure your base is suuuuuuper hydrated otherwise it will find spots to cling 😓determined to get my moneys worth lol

  18. Rhiannon Howard

    Well that's disappointing 😕

  19. Amy Kleinman

    The primed side looks so much worse 😭

  20. Christina Mack

    I’ve had it on not even 2 hours and everything you said happened to you is happening to me! Looks beautiful but my god I was still in the freaken mirror and it had started to ball up and separate!! Good thing it was a sample because MY GOD!!

  21. laura beatson

    Just bought the sweatshirt, so excited for it to be delivered!! ❤️ always love watching your videos, sometimes I stop watching for 2 weeks just so I can binge watch them all back to back 😘😐😭

  22. 00MistyLeeAnn00

    I’ve been waiting on this review, I tried this foundation out and had a veryyyy similar experience with it. I don’t have dry skin but it seemed closer to matte on my skin than satin or natural. It creased around my mouth and nostrils and didn’t want to stick to the tip of my nose, it separated pretty quickly there. I actually liked the way it looked on my cheeks and my forehead but I don’t plan on buying the full size.

  23. Caitlyn Shea

    I use a sponge with this foundation. I pump it on the back of my hand and dip two fingers into the foundation and tap it all over my face and then I blend it with my sponge. Idk if that will help

  24. Sophia Gard

    I was so excited about this foundation and bought it immediately and I did NOT like it. It made me look super dry and the lasting power was non-existent. Then I tried mixing it with my favorite mix-in foundation, the Tarte Rainforest of the sea Water foundation, and now I really like it! The tarte foundation does save a lot of foundations tho… but worth a try!

  25. ad231107

    did you hear CYO is being discontinued?? maybe im late to the party but so sad

  26. Jacquelyn Wilkins

    Love watching your videos

  27. Ruquyya

    I think this might be a hydrating foundation for oily skin people I’ve been wearing it for a week and it’s looks beautiful on me

  28. threnodyinvelvet

    I wish I had seen this review before I bought it as I had similar issues 🙁

  29. SoulAwakened

    Please try the Shiseido UV Protective Stick Foundation SPF37 in Fair Ivory , it is supposed to have a moist radiant long-lasting & natural-looking finish. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on it 🙂

  30. Mrs. EMC

    Having dry skin myself I got a sample of this from Sephora and it looked horrible on me. It accentuated all my dry patches! I hope you check out the new Stila Hide and Chic and the new Born to glow by NYX. I’ve been curious about them.

  31. Erin Mccafferty

    Have you tried the Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation?? I love that one!

  32. BK Lulu

    oh, Fenty…I was hoping for better. I didn't like the original formula, either. Oh, well.

  33. Katrina Rose

    I liked this foundation. Usually these kinds of formulas are super patchy and leave me with little white spots everywhere (I guess where it just sticks in pores?) But this one is smooth and I'm oily but it still didn't get gross throughout the day

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