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  1. Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry

    Hi Caroline. You are such a great influence. I'm so happy to be on this journey with you. Thank you for inspiring me to become a better version of myself. Great work my friend. Namaste

  2. 1derlandbound

    Losing weight and inches?? Progress! Whoop whoop!

  3. Faye Davies

    How is that 8lb loss when your starting weight was 174.4 n end weight 173.6 🤔

  4. Taylormade TV

    Congratulations on your weight loss love! You’ve done son amazing! Praise God! Just keep up the pace! You’ve done such an amazing job! God bless

  5. Chest Crystal

    That is so awesome to lose sixty one pounds and then go on a cruise. I hope you vlog it. If not I hope you enjoy and keep up the great work.

  6. Ivy mae Piang

    Very informative video it is
    I’ll wait for ur next one.

  7. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Great job on exercise 💪♥️

  8. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    I am an athlete? Wow thank you. At the gym now lol

  9. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Boom 💥you are amazing 👊❤️

  10. Jimmie Cooksworth

    2 out of 7 meals you're going to allow processed foods…you are living on the edge caroline…. or should I say Renegade. 🤣 but in all seriousness my Mantra is that's the beauty of this lifestyle is the flexibility provides. Happy Thanksgiving keep it up.

  11. Obesity is Not Me

    It really helped me to cut out sugar. I am not as hungry and my inflammation is much better. You have such a gift of inspiration .


    Looking good!🙌👍

  13. Fitgoddess1111 Cortes


  14. Fitgoddess1111 Cortes

    You inspire me too 💕

  15. Fitgoddess1111 Cortes

    💕💕💕 your a sweetheart heart thank you

  16. Fasting My Way to 145lbs

    I love Zed too… he inspired me to start exercising again 💪🏼 you can actually follow him along with his training vids as he does it!

  17. Fasting My Way to 145lbs

    Wonderful accomplishment Caroline! I like that 80/20 plan 👍


    Wow OMAD, you're looking so amazing. Really motivating. Great job.

  19. ZED497

    Squats! I hate/love squats. I'm trying to get my flat-butt not-so-flat, lmao. Squat buddies! Let's go!

    Great job, Caroline. Keep it up. Your BA pic at the end motivates me.

  20. ZED497

    omg Caroline you got this grown man tearing up at work, I'm so honored to be counted amongst these athletes. I believe I'm following most of these fine folks except for Kris so I'll be checking her out later. I'm so pleased to know that I can inspire anyone especially so early in my journey. Ya ain't seen nuthin' yet!

  21. Diane K

    Warrior? Not sure what that is. Girl, you are one of my inspirations. Keep it up.

  22. Diane K

    Hi girlie

  23. Fire Rose

    Substitutions are my secret weapon against "bad" sugars! Chilly Cow ice cream, excellent dark chocolate, and flavored teas… Also fruit parfaits and "puddings" (coconut milk and pumpkin or Greek yogurt and chocolate). 💖🔥🌹

  24. Fire Rose

    OMG! You're sooo much smaller!!! 💖 🔥 🌹

  25. Life Adventures and Keto

    Go girl……

  26. Kris

    Looking good! Keep inspiring!

  27. Diamonique Smith


  28. Diamonique Smith

    The scale is truly your friend Sis you're doing excellent💪💪💪.

  29. hikewithme

    You’re really awesome Caroline ….Congratulations on never gaining! I love you enthusiasm !! Thanks for sharing the channels you watch..Cheers and keep having your wine!! 🌵✌🏼

  30. Paula's Awesome World

    Another thing I am going to start incorporating squats into my workouts I need some booty lol! 💕

  31. Paula's Awesome World

    You are looking Awesome Fabulous and a amazing! Forget looking like a snack you look like the whole damn meal! 💕 Sounds like a great plan!!! Holy Crap! 174 now you rock!! I want to be just like you when I grow up! Keep it up Sister Love ya!!!

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