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  1. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    I didn't mean to say God is a person. The pictures didn't work so putting them in the community tab on my channel and I'm the thumbnail.

  2. ALittleBitofEverything

    I’m trying to get back on my weight loss. I understand where you coming from when it comes to stress. Sometimes we have to let things go that’s out of our control. I know I’m get to where I want to be though. You can check me out if you want. Keep it up.

  3. Nikki Speaks!


  4. Taking Down Fat With Cdub

    stress can be a struggle make sure you getting good sleep. stress with a lack of sleep can make you hold onto weight

  5. JesseRobert Garza

    Great update thanks for sharing

  6. Sun Kissed MoJo

    Julie really helped me to calm down and realize that I’m making this harder just with overthinking about food! We’re fasting today and tomorrow, honestly haven’t felt hungry in the last few days and I think because my mind is at ease, the rest of my body is too!! You got this, love ya🌞💋💋

  7. AllBodiesFitness

    I hope that your stress goes away. One antidote for stress is proving that you can accomplish something – like a great workout. Keep going on your journey. You got this.

  8. Fire Rose

    I've been chasing the dopamine fix of food over the past few days. I have made good decisions and not so good ones the past few days, I am fasting today. Getting back to my prayers and meditation. My exercise is good, sleep has been good this week too. Taking a parasympathetic day for recovery. No matter what you're going through Mieka, remember that you are worthy and worth it! I LOVE a full plate and dessert. 💖 🔥 🌹

  9. nicholas white

    hi great video you are doing great shoutout to you and sorry to hear your having a lot of stress doin't worry things will get better thanks for sharing this I enjoyed watching peace

  10. Habibah Q

    I barely slept last night and woke up 5 lbs heavier. Sleep is so important. I will make Dua for you sis. I commend you for still posting even through the stress. I love dessert too. Just keto chocolate peanut butter coconut oil bombs. Chocolate for the magnesium. Supposed to have high oxalates though, but I was able to control myself enough not to eat them for a couple days. Then my sweet tooth disappeared. It's really like you said… it's all about self control to know we can set a preference for the day and follow through. When I don't do what I say, I don't get mad at myself, but I do question why I didn't just follow through.

  11. A. B.D.

    You have been having a lot of stress in the last month with your brother and other things going on It will get better 🙏🏻💙

  12. A. B.D.

    You have been having a lot of stress in the last month with your brother and other things going on It will get better 🙏🏻💙

  13. philip Pathaw

    Thank for sharing

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