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  1. TheColombianSpartan

    It's an actual civil war

  2. jakarta gamer

    so, basically a normal guerilla warfare?

  3. darren marchant

    it may be that using tatooing to administer site specific medicine in the case of skin related issues such as melanoma will be found to reduce the effect of such medication on other parts of the body. another possible treatment for melanoma may be cauterization, which has been used by Arab communities to this day for other issues with some similarity to acupuncture. very little research is available on Arab medicine at this time.


    Wow….first statement and you're already dead wrong about cancer.
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  5. sarh ksa

    What a nice video thanks …

  6. 李子娟

    fight back

  7. Thamil Selvan

    Nice animation with clear points

  8. WK Chan

    Very good video

  9. marie colin

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  11. Dorothy Isidro

    Battle of the cells: Fight to the death
    Immune system game

  12. Anthony Ward

    Very interesting!

  13. TheUltra Gamer

    Amazing we are to close to find cure for all cancers

  14. Kristine M. Rodriguez

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  15. Liborio Quinto

    ottimo video

  16. Mostapha Benhenda

    How to better predict cancer immunotherapy results: https://youtu.be/7ACNiebz0ko
    A video series from scratch to cutting-edge research

  17. Shewit Abraham

    We can overcome cancer and thrive won't give up in Jesus Christ Name. Let be done in Jesus Christ Blood.

  18. tania kaif

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  19. Clark Kent

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  20. tractor

    Waste of time ! This video is stupid, medical crap !

  21. tractor

    BS ! Medical propaganda . Medical drs failed miserable in cancer . Why let them to tell you stories. In fact medical drs have more cancer than general population.

  22. Wallace Rose

    Animations always make it look so easy.

  23. Dr. Rania Raouf

    Thanks for your clear explanations, Many thanks

  24. Raj chaurasiya

    buttery animation 😊

  25. Rainuriftiann EhziraElwancen

    Immunologi natrure.

  26. Fernando Flores


  27. Nageswariprasad Gudala

    is immuno therophy works on brain tumor..that to pilocytic astrocytoma tumor ..my 5yrs child had that tumor..surgery,radio therophy. .chemotherapy all r failed to cure the disease.

  28. Thato Mohlathe

    I consider this—the content a bunch of rubbish. Knowledge you cannot apply and get healing. It is as though this "lesson" has mentioned the technical events of the immune system response against cancer BUT OF COURSE, DOES NOT REVEAL THE NUTRITION NEEDED TO ACT ON THE PROBLEM DOMAIN WHICH CAUSES IMMUNODEFICIENCY.

    After the much learning, patients still die with their immune system in them if not offered chemotherapy which is more lethal than the disease. It seems, the cause of being a physician has escaped this industry and that is to cure the patient.

    Whom among those who have the immunological knowledge have cured a single patient? The immune system was surely put by God in the body with purpose to cure with the intervention of the correct knowledge. In fact those who have the correct knowledge of the nutritional product to use have escaped death though not knowing it acts in concert with the immune system.

    Those who have gathered the knowledge which is so irrelevant in the domain of cures die themselves.

    One must measure knowledge versus the vision. Will this help? Can it heal the patient? The answer is no. It is like knowing all the car parts, the building blocks that are unified to complete the whole and exist in a complex network, the technicalities of the car but you have no fuel to get the car to work. It is useless knowledge.

    Matthew 12:42

    Jesus is a Rose of Sharon

  29. Hasib Al Hasan

    this mechanism Is like as a vedio game I played many times

  30. TheFenerbahceSK

    So many abbreviations in this vid.

  31. Marc McGowan

    Life saver. I have to give a trial lecture on lung cancer and the immune system as part of my PhD defence. This video helped me understand all therapies thereafter. Thank you. Please accept one of my papers for publishing 🙂

  32. About Studies

    Thank you

  33. Ordinary Mevaker Edwin

    Remodified space (cancer) invador

  34. Steven Banerjee

    Can anyone share the link to the background music? What a fascinating musical score?

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