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  1. ••Barbīe Girł••

    Can anyone explain what is omad ? And what type of food can we eat in this 1 meal diet can we eat noodles a day ? Or any high calorie food ??

  2. Greatest Ever

    First week 5 pounds down second week 4 pounds! It works.

  3. prasanthi datti

    In that one hour we can eat any thing among all this?

  4. Shojoni F

    i have lost 7 kg by this diet..but fr last 15 days its not working…
    can u suggest me what can i do to make it work?


    What time should I eat? As I don't get a chance to use the kitchen until about 8:45pm

  6. AdamRadz Sinclair

    I tried water fasting, end up I ate 1 or 2 unhealthy meal perday.. I lost 3kg within a week..

  7. mana inti recipes

    How many kgs did loss in one month OMAD diet

  8. prasanthi datti

    Vicky i want to loose 20 kg

  9. Parmita Halder

    Can I drink water whole day in omad??

  10. vaanga palaguvom

    Can ulcer people do this diet

  11. boitumelo mothelesi

    I have been doing omad for two weeks and I have already lost 4kgs

  12. Mary Qasim

    U never talked about whole wheat pasta ?

  13. SocietyNeedsToCrumble

    Why is OMAD bad for PCOS?

  14. Changing Scripts: Stephanie

    This is a beautiful explanation. I have been researching this for a few weeks now and I keep reading meal plans with only meat and that is just not for me. I have been fasting one day a week and feel amazing with that but think I can do OMAD most days and get even more pain relief (I have chronic pain from a few factors, all researched before starting any fasting). I appreciate your advice on a full range of foods, esp veggies, I love them and will keep eating them. For me, eating begets eating and I think I can make healthier choices if I have less of them. Today is day 2 of OMAD and although I dont think Ive found the food balance thats right for me yet, the lightness those 23 hours have is worth the struggle. Thank you.

  15. Vugatti X

    I lost 9 pounds in 1 week by doing OMAD during my 1 meal i ate Rice,Veggies&Chicken everyday with a little junkfood on the side such as chips (not too much though) during the day i drank about 6 bottles of water

  16. Joe Vidrio

    One meal a day is hard at first but after a few weeks and noticeable weight loss it becomes easier. You will never go back being fat again after how easy this one meal a day process is. I eat I meal a day Monday thru Friday the Saturday and Sunday I eat two meals a day. Never snack between meals. I lost 40 lbs. In approximately 2 months. Eat healthy, no sugar.

  17. Dancers lament

    Hey do u know how ur videos are getting popular and listen by all?.. It's only bcze of ur flowfull words and impressive voice… I tried ur every diet now am 55 kg from 70.😘

  18. alex mugereki

    Last week I weighed 65kg now I way 58.5 kg !!!!Omad is freaking

  19. Vito Lucci

    Your voice is so relaxing 😌

  20. saffu abu

    Thank u ….

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