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  1. LukeNarwhal

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  2. Luis Martinez

    another thing I hate is when people say “Are you on a diet?” I just try to eat healthy and not like a pig!. I have a naturally fast metabolism but eating like a pig made me feel like shit and was really unhealthy.

  3. Luis Martinez


  4. Greta mmm boi

    Sooooo many people comment on your weight if you’re skinny, I can’t tell you how many times people made fun of me for not having an ass or called me a holocaust victim. So fuckn irritating

  5. cel VsMachine

    Ummm what store only sells up to 36???? I only see 28s and 30s anywhere I go

  6. The memes and the pepes

    When i eat breakfast i often feel sick/bad afterwards but my mom always insists on me eating breakfast. As in I’m not allowed to leave the house before I’ve eaten breakfast

  7. cringe feast

    "People have gone from bodyshaming fat people to bodyshaming skinny people", I don't think that's not true lol. We're just as bodyshamed as skinny people.

  8. Witty Vixen

    I went from 160 to 130 over the years. But now my customers are noticing aside my coworkers. I had one guy so concerned that I was sick because I’d lost weight. I had a few think that but aside that I get a lot of people commenting about my weight loss. It’s a bit embarrassing because I was fairly chubby.

  9. Meow Meow

    Oof. Tailors. Get clothes tailored to your size if you can afford it.

  10. Bobbie

    One of my best friend is just naturally skinny and is constantly compared to her sisters but she doesn't like it because her sister are never as "good" or "skinny" as her …..there for she feels really bad about being skinny

  11. lujine shelleh

    when you can’t relate to the skinny problems OR the fat problems

  12. Gabrielle

    People thinking I have an eating disorder! I am 5'4 about 115lbs. I am by no means stick-like, but with the US population exploding in weight, people incorrectly think I am the one with the weight issues now. Ummm…no. I think most of it is jealousy to be honest.

  13. Kelseyjane Boyd

    Well I’ve been enjoying this channel for a hot minuite now think I’ll subscribe

  14. Tropical Lady

    Anyone else thin but not petite?
    So the only thing you can relate with on this list is being cold all the time.
    I used to be 200 lbs at 5’8
    Now I’m at 145 lbs but I have thigh gap and sometimes my hip bones poke out.
    Everyone just thinks I look athletic, and people never think I have an ED even though I low-key do.

  15. Nesseire

    People, look the "petite" section in Shein, they sell smaller sizes that adapt to smaller frames (they also have a "tall" option for taller frames)

  16. Elizabeth Samet

    As someone (actively recovering!) from a restrictive eating disorder, the last one made me feel so good. I went from just skimming underweight and being hospitalized to being just slightly over my "healthy" BMI, but let me tell you, I am so much healthier now. I actually have energy, don't need copious amounts of caffeine to get me through a day, and can walk up the stairs without needing to sit down due to exhaustion. It's funny how many people told me how much "better" I looked when I was dropping weight like crazy- I was dying.

  17. Haylee Butler

    I don't think of myself as super skinny, it's just that most people my age/the people I hang around happen to be much larger than I am. I get annoyed when people ask me why I work out if I'm already slim. I want to be strong and fit. I've also been stared at when I can't finish a whole plate of food at restaurants, or if I say I'm full. The serving sizes here can be ridiculous at times and it's not like I don't try and finish my food. It's very uncomfortable for me when bigger people judge me for simply being smaller than them. I'm not trying to compete with anyone but myself and it's not like im rubbing the fact that I'm skinny in anyone's face, I'm just existing doing my own thing 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  18. 🕳

    Im overweight but have a tiny bone structure and am super short. Bracelets and watches are always too big and my tiny shoulders makes clothes so hard to find

  19. Wilm hosenfeld

    I wish I could have apologized to my mother for running the A/C so much (she was always a very thin woman), now I know how unpleasantly cold it can get. Also finding clothes that fit me (particularly pants, 28in), it can be surprisingly challenging.

  20. Tyller Zacher

    I’m 6ft and am hardly above 100lb going along with rust pains I don’t know if it’s just me but when I rest my head on my hand it hurts soooooo bad when I try to straighten it

  21. Angelina Mendonca

    Ok so I have belly fat…I always hate myslef for that…and I have fat thighs…
    But after watching this video I'm kinda happy tho.

  22. izzie


  23. Shadowcast Prime

    25) If you go to family functions they will give you the 3rd degree and try to make you eat their desserts even when you don't want them. I had a family member literally shove a Chocolate Cheesecake dessert in my face after I said that I was full.I didn't want to be rude so I ate a small bite and said it was good. She said I was lying and didn't even try it. So I ate 3/4 of the piece and said it was delicious. It wasn't I was so stuffed that it tasted horrible. 🤢 I've recently lost 30 pounds and have never had a family member shove food in my face. There won't be a next time because I don't want to be peer pressured into over eating again. If I stuff myself silly it will be because I want to.

    Summary: Family functions are hell. Family will feed you even when you say your full and then guilt you into eating it anyway.

  24. Zeraconda

    A bunch of those comments are the EXACT reason I don't associate with the body positivity movement. It's just COMPLETE hypocrisy, it's supposed to be BODY positivity, not fat body's only positivity. How does shaming someone who's naturally thin make you any better than those people who shame you for being overweight? And I fully stand behind anyone who isn't comfortable in their body and wants to change it for the better. And also fun fact, I was an overweight person dealing with cold issues, I knew it was an iron deficiency, turns out it was being caused my a gluten intolerance, which also pushed me to start eating healthier and once I was seeing results, motivated to finally lose all this weight. Now that I have nutrients in my body again, I get hot easily again too, and I kinda hate it! lol

  25. Emilie B

    I feel the watch and seating comments, tough I'm in no way skinny lol. But I have no padding in my behind and unpaded seats already hurt again at 210.

    For breasts though, I am jealous of everyone with anything B or smaller. I'm so sick of those I38 cups that are destroying my back. At least, with smaller cups you can pad up. I can't pad down those overgrown sacks of fat! And I say that being attracted to women, including plus size with small breasts as well. You’re all beautiful and missing on NOTHING outside of underboob sweat, back pains and cysts.

  26. Nijihime

    I hate to be that person, but i've never been skinny, not once in my entire life, but have a really hard time losing weight. Its like I get to a certain point, and my body just wants to stay the same. I've always envied, and wondered how skinnier people, can eat as much as I do, or even more and not gain a pound. I always wanted a faster metabolism.

  27. Bangtans Sweetie

    What the hell is a yurt

  28. no u

    “Noodle” isn’t a compliment. Don’t call me that.

  29. Jasmine Lambert

    Being told to eat a sandwich and called anorexic are things I have gone through and still do

  30. Sophia

    Trying to find jeans that fit when ur slim thicc is the worst

  31. Catalina Reveco

    My problem is that I worked hard to get to 99lbs, and people just assume I'm naturally skinny.

  32. NYXBeautyByPery

    I love high waisted jeans but hate it at the same time because it looks good but no matter what size it is the waisted part is always way too big for my waist

  33. Aki Alchemicae

    The bra/cup size thing is sooo true! I used to be a 34DDD/75F EU and when it came to bra sizes, people always assumed I was like a B or C cup and did not understand how diffucult it was to find bras in that size.

  34. Kitanna Frame

    Anyone else not relate? Or is it just me? Okay, carry on.

    But for real, I want to lost weight soo bad. I'm overweight and I hate it. These videos give me motivation though!

  35. Tímea Rába

    My skinny-person-problem is a little bit more petty, but I really don't like it, that people are more likely to sit next to me on public transport. Sometimes I wish I had a superpower, with which I could enlarge my body, so people wouldn't want to sit next to me. The fact, that I am also quite short, doesn't help either.

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