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  1. Heather Heape

    You could tape the sunglasses to the camera

  2. RedRoseKitten

    I feel ya about the redness i scratch or touch my skin and it turns red too

  3. Leila Ferreyra

    I have the bigger version of ypur couch there lady hahahaha just like it color everything haha

  4. Ally Fleming

    Green juice~

  5. lovliesdrmmer

    Green Juice!

  6. Jamie Brown


  7. Mandy's Arm Candy

    I didn’t realize you had a second YouTube account for I remember being number 777 on graveyard girl.
    Hey love, I’m a volunteer but soon to be the director of a women’s abuse shelter called Center for Women’s ministries and if there’s any makeup, skincare or really anything for that matter that you don’t want or just want to declutter, I’m totally fine with purchasing as well. I think this would help a lot with the gals that come through. It’s interesting how something as little as makeup can brighten someone’s day. The makeup would go to great use! Let me know! TIA and god bless! ♥️

  8. Larissa Hostetter

    Nude skincare and Boscia had one too. Also I think the Sephora Brand had one too.

  9. Alyssa Goffena

    Those little tubes are microcentrifuge tubes. They go in a machine that spins them really fast.

  10. Alison Knight

    Oh my goodness, Leigh-Ann needs that headband!

  11. Vixoden X

    Just subscribed using your code 😍 thank you!! I had never even heard of this company til now!!

  12. Ashley Beadle

    Make sure to pause this assay exactly 15 min 9 secs you'll thank me lmfao love it

  13. Ashley Beadle

    If you plant the pencils video it please

  14. Ashley Beadle

    I've been a fan since the first video I watched with my nephew does this thing really work and he was so much younger then and love your new different video content channels etc. I want a k beauty box now and DO A VIDEO WITH YOUR GARDEN I PERSONALLY WOULD LOVE THAT

  15. Shawna Isntshestrange

    I am glad that you are feeling better. It sucks when getting sick. I, on the other hand, feel like crap. Somewhere in the world, someone thought it would be a good idea to give women a form of chemotherapy to put them into menopause. Hoping there is only one more month of this and then I will be able to have surgery. I am ready for all of it to be over with.
    Great video, so much good energy coming from you. Much Love from me to you.

  16. Arrana Burden

    I'm watching you after being sent home from work for throwing up. Why are we all sick?!

  17. Jennifer Moore

    My skin is just like yours I am so fair that I go tomato red like working out or washing my face it’s so embarrassing

  18. Jennifer Moore

    The green mask looks like snot hahaha

  19. ThatGirlLib

    I wish you could do a video compilation of you trying all these face masks with a review after. That would be a quick video recording a bit every time you used one. Then just edit it all together. 😬✌🏼💚🐊

  20. Jennifer Moore

    Love the bunny logic how she has a couch yet sits on the floor hahaha

  21. Caitlin’s Vlogs

    I want a pencil I can plant and grow rosemary with a Trent Reznor quote on it. O.O
    No, I'm not high. I just watched one of Bunny's videos.

  22. Rachel R xoxoxo

    The way she just dropped that carrot one in the air lmao

  23. Cady Castle

    I just bought a bubble mask the other day from Walmart! Only I didn't know it was a "bubble mask" I misread bit and thought it was just bubblegum scented… imagine my surprise when the make starts foaming up like shaving cream lol I was so confused for a min had no idea what was going on.

  24. Ted Oz

    Marilyn Manson ?

  25. faery chains

    hi guys! i’m starting a youtube channel and would appreciate all the support i can get! sorry if this is a bit spammy but i could do with all the help if you’re interested in subscribing! i’m going to make style and vlog videos x thank u!

  26. MissCherrie 78

    When my cousin and I were in high school we both had exchange students from France. ( We live in the US) Her exchange student cut her hair while she was sleeping because she didn't like her accommodations. That's my France story. lol

  27. Crystal Price

    I can't wear headbands either

  28. Taylor Renae

    I'm late due to having a procedure done yesterday but I'm here! Love you!

  29. Snap Haul **with my babies***

    I hate face masks just the feeling of a sheet of wet sticky mostiure just basically laying on my face. Just ew.

  30. Adrianne Garrison

    Why did I think I could slide? My feet aren't socks! 😂

  31. Lilmama Taurus

    Who else loves how she says, MAAGICAL and omg how cute was the cactus head band!!! I want it.

  32. Cassandra Ascencio

    You should try the rainbow surprise dolls soon!

  33. Jessica Krause

    Literally just using smelling salt watching the video…

  34. Kellie Huey

    I LOVE your shirt!! Huey Lewis and the News rocks!! I love your videos! Needed these after a rough couple weeks. Thank you so much! ❤️

  35. Plant Maven

    Don’t you tan?

  36. Plant Maven

    I think you are better off eating plants. The cactus band and facial would be a perfect thumbnail.

  37. Joenys Fraticelli

    OMG thanks Bunny!! I am better now.

    I can't believe you saw my comment 😭 I am so happy

  38. Jennifer Elia

    We have bubbles!!!

  39. Judy Cat

    the facemask with the gold flowers reminded me of beauty and the beast, maybe it reminded you of france bc of the style shown in the movie

  40. Villanelle

    cactus headband is rather phallic….

  41. ReconditeRenee

    Right before you took the mask off your nose was looking very Who-like (from the Grinch)

  42. Dawlbaby

    Love the Soylent Green reference lol now I need to revisit that movie!!!! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!!



  44. Cheri Nuchell

    Can we go back to a time where we could buy one big container of something, and given just one small plastic scoop where you use one level scoop?

  45. Elizabeth Carmichael

    It’s ginseng! Lol!!! Love the video!

  46. Aubre

    Love you Bunny! These videos really make my day better

  47. Heidi Youle

    You talking about the Pencils you plant, so cool. In the Spring a magazine I get had an insert that was "seeded paper" I followed the directions (simple soak paper in water 1 day-put in a opt-in cover with 14in of soil) and BAMM I now have some of the most gorgeous flowers I've ever seen have been blooming all Summer!!

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