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  1. Christian n Pablo

    It could be a pain in the neck testing out beauty blender dupes! But you can get lucky and find excellent ones, and at great prices too. Since I discovered the makeup sponge Puffy Bunny. I haven’t turned back. It is squishy, apply products perfectly, easy to clean and inexpensive!

  2. Shanice Logan

    Are your sponges wet?

  3. Ty and Addi Blind Bags

    It's mores fun to watch her through the mirror

  4. Sařa Hevesi

    I've found a lot of dupes that blend my liquids and creams but not powders and bronzers like the beauty blender there's just something about that magical sponge or material lol

  5. Carolina M.A.R.

    Excellent video!!! c: ♥

  6. abby

    So many people are being so rude! She can do her made up however she wants! If she likes it, she is going to continue, I don't know why people don't get that! I think her makeup is great, also because that's not her finished face. You saw her finished face in the begging, and I thought it looked stunning! People, you can have opinions, but please at the very least say it nicer!! I think it was a great vid btw 🙂

  7. Crazygirls25 Twins

    Your eyes are sooo pretty

  8. Tuppien Tuppi

    Just what I was looking for, thank you ! (Y) Awesome job!

  9. NanaS

    I've seen other girls saying the Revive sponge picks up the product instead of blending it, but I don't get why the sponge worked when you were apply the foundation, but didn't work with the concealer. If it picks up the product, shouldn't it not blend even when you were apply the foundation?

  10. Dahian Santiago

    I found mine at rainbows

  11. Lucrece von Kasm

    Thank you!

  12. Andrea Stephanie Pop

    Thank you gorgeous for posting this and taking your time to make this video! Its totally informative and helped me choose between the dupes ♡ I'm going to try the RT, yay!

  13. Bunnytun

    I have both and well since I Bought the real techniques one, I don't buy anymore beauty blenders 'cause the price, love how RT works and for almost $25 less worth it totally for me.

  14. ana torres

    thanks same here budget tight have Beauty Blender sister got it for me jiji but i don't want to buy it i want something similar but not too expensive. Ty

  15. Lea Mathews

    I think that you should wet your beauty blender

  16. Swan Sandoval

    Hey your highlighet is a bit too bright for you(in my opinion) ❤️

  17. bangtan_a.r.m.y

    I bought the real techniques sponge at Walgreens for 6 dollars. Don't buy it al Ulta if you want to save money 🙂

  18. Tam Walley

    great video thank you !

  19. meowieberry

    I didn't know there was an original one lol, I thought it was just a product that any brand had, like napkins or spoons lol.

  20. shezzy d

    ur under eye makeup looks terrible..u need to blend it in…its looks like 2 kg powder under each eye…i sure as hell wont be taking makeup advice from u 😂

  21. Deryielle Ocular Paña

    where can i get one online

  22. Venus Lancaster

    This was so helpful. Thank you so much

  23. LifeofQueen Cee

    then concealer matches her skin under the foundation and the foundation matches her neck. she did very well. I don't how you guys are doing your makeup but this is very correct.

  24. LifeofQueen Cee

    it looks great and this is just a comparison

  25. Goat

    How hard is she putting the foundation on her face

  26. Iman Zamora

    When she came back with no makeup I literally jumped lmfaaoo

  27. Nevaeh Girl

    Oml I love it eyes😍😍😍

  28. Amanda S

    THANK YOU for blending everything really well, it bothers me so much when I'm watching makeup tutorials and they only go over an area once without patting over the area again to make sure it's completely blended. (Not with any additional product, just patting with the sponge or brush after applying the makeup) 🙂

  29. Bianca Flores

    Some people do look better with make up not hatin just statin

  30. fairday2

    Thank you for showing these products. I have a low budget and now I can look for other blenders that may work great. I cannot afford a beauty blender, but I would like to try the real techniques blender.

  31. Shantelle Daniels

    Wow so many rude comments… The funny thing is that she is showing you blending with each not her final makeup look! Second all the dumb comments about her foundation not matching… Um yes it does match her. Maybe instead of judging her since you are taking the time to watch her go to your local Sephora and have them match you since your having some issues with eyesight. ps her highlights can be as bright as she wants them and if you see her finished look she looks good. I personally wanted to Thank you for showing us each of these products. people are rude and have no respect. I have been contemplating for a while if I was going to buy the beauty blender of not. and I really like the real Tec one a lot. I actually found it at Wal-Mart for $5. holy nuggets what a steal for an amazing product.

  32. Rachel Guzman

    Wow! People are so rude! You did an excellent job showing the finishes and coverages of each sponge perfectly. Having a full face on wouldn't of helped anyone in a decision making process. Good job, another great sponge is the studio basics sponges they are like 6 at drugstores and ulta!

  33. Carly Hill

    you are so much prettier without makeup😊

  34. Abbygail Sandydog1

    I can c your highlightr line

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