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  1. Eilda Pacheco

    This was really encouraging! Thank you so much for being transparent! 🙂

  2. Eilda Pacheco

    Where did you find your CPAP machine?

  3. Audrey R.

    About 22:00, you show us your temporary dental appliance that pulls your lower jaw forward. What is the brand name and model of this device? I want to ask my dentist about it.


    Thank You so much for sharing your experience being Raw Fruit, It's very helpful.

  5. Scott V Grube

    Bloody non vegan Doctors. All come from the same school. 4 Colonoscopies and this new Dr tells me I have a redundant colon ( Birth Defect I have had for 54 years and hasn't been a problem. LOL ) and I am constipated !!! CONSTIPATED !!! He must be self medicated. I hope This Genius kissed my arse goodbye because I ain't going back to him, in fact, no more colonoscopies for me. Oh and babe, you look bloody hot in that sleep apnea machine.

    Regards The Filthy Old Vegan. 🙂

  6. sunrisehealing

    such a great message! thank you!

  7. d0lvl0

    I was diagnosed with "severe central sleep apnea" and have been treating it with a CPAP for the last 4 years. The difference between how I used to feel and how I feel today is night and day. I am so glad that you're being treated with a CPAP too, it saved my life. Welcome to the elephant cyborg club 🙂

    One thing that helped me a lot too was seeing a PRI (postural restoration institute) physical therapist to learn how to breathe appropriately and to retrain my body as much as I can accordingly!

  8. FollowRighteousnessNotMe. Ftw

    Don't we deserve the same health and compassion like the animals as well? Backyard eggs and dairy are not always unethical! It can be a fair trade for taking good care of the animals. That's the real way they should have started the "vegan" movement. Ethical treatment of animals matters more than abstaining from all of their products because of dogma. Former vegan who quit due to health problems* hope you find peace and stable health and well being, stay blessed.

  9. betzi b

    I think you are amazing and you LOOK amazing!

  10. PlantLife850


  11. Norma Hinojosa

    I'm so glad these things are working for you. ❤

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