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  1. Missy Brubaker

    I would love to have this treatment..I have had knee sugery this past Sept., found torn lig./patella slipped over knee, and I have almost bone on bone due to Osteoarthritis..Day to day tasks are so painful, and it makes the inside of my other knee hurt from the way I am walking..Cold & sitting longer than 15 minutes hurts so bad when I get up…Drs. wont give me a new knee for another 10 years & I am only 58 yrs old..I can't live like this..its painful to walk anywhere, and steroid shots do not work…..Do they have this technique near Bradford Ohio?…What is the cost of this & how many treatments before I would feel better/no pain..?

  2. Russell Brokstein

    great use of acupuncture to help an athlete with osteoarthritis.  More athletes need to know of natural treatments like this!

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