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  1. Clevver Style

    As a makeup addict, I'm going to need you guys to comment your favorite cheap beauty products right here. Share your beautiful knowledge.

  2. PinkDiamond7777777


  3. Kayla Cook

    DREW I USE BABY OIL TOO OMG best thing to avoid getting that weird thigh rash from them rubbing together when you walk

  4. Emma Em

    Drew always looks so good I'm starting to develop a slight love/hate relationship to her

  5. Audrey R.


  6. Carolann Trottier

    Please don't use the jonhson's "baby oil" it's basically just mineral oil which is a byproduct of petrol waste that obstruct your pores so it gives an ILLUSION of an hydrated and soft skin when in fact it doesn't allow your skin to breathe and therefore is a major cause of premature aging of your skin 😰 Please check the ingredients and do inform yourself about those before putting products on your skin 🤗

  7. Katarina Adele

    Yall have “yes to” products cheap. Bruh. Lemme tell ya. Where i live, they are $20

  8. `Jessika Danielle

    Maybe if u stop using the mario facial spray ur face wont be so dry….kuz thats what i needed too do…. and thats kuz it was my favorite

  9. Jacquelyn Fenoli

    I have a couple of mascaras, highlighter and lots of curly girl approved hair products that are cheap and amazing. Let me know joslyn if you want to know

  10. kristenlovesyou28

    I love you, Drew!! Every episode makes me adore you even more!

  11. Kiera Mcfarland

    Drew has all the secrets to why black ppl don’t crack !!

  12. madelyn hall

    thayers witch hazel toner, it’s actually the best and i think it’s like 9 dollars

  13. Kylie Sidun

    I love not your mother hair products

  14. Kenya Sesmas

    Love this video you guys are great! Going to try this products

  15. Maggie Shallow

    Jos I have naturally curly hair a lot like yours if you want an amazing shampoo/conditioner/hair routine try the brand DevaCurl it’s a little expensive but it doesn’t strip your hair of the natural oils it’s amazing

  16. Jordan Hicks

    Physicians Formula butter bronzer!! I have tried all bronzers from expensive “to faced peachy glow palette” to super cheap such as elf and the butter bronzer is my favorite! You can get it at target for $8!

  17. Carol-Anne Yerby

    I have sensitive skin and I use the Mario Badescu sprays too! Specifically the Green tea one. I use it after I"ve washed my face for the day and it just moisturizes and calms down my skin, specifically if I scrubbed a lot of dead skin and dirt off my sensitive face skin lol. Love you gals!

  18. Rachel Y

    7:09 what was embarrassing…

  19. Courtney Henningsgard

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost-gel cream!!! I get mine at Costco 2 for 24 (Canadian) best stuff ever!!! Kerry Washington and Kristen Bell can't be wrong!!!

  20. Mylia Pax

    2:30 is that just not a thing people do??

  21. Kimberly Hardin

    Milanis foundation is good if you don’t have acne pron skin. Drug store foundations and concealers are some times good but since I have combination skin and I started wear hush end makeup like tarte my face hasn’t broken out like it use to. But milanis eyeshadows I love.

  22. Maya Bacon

    Bioré charcoal face wash is an essential!!!

  23. Annie Kirk

    Yal need to make a video of yal trying on makup from the dollar tree

  24. Chrystal Bootes

    Curel in shower hydrator

  25. Acacia

    Swear by bio oil

  26. Angelina Mouawad

    Do they have any of these in Australia other than the Vaseline and the maybelline concealer ?

  27. Rose Queen

    Woah your holding hands with your foot!

    Joslyn 2019

  28. Moisa J Wroy

    I live for Yes To face masks!

  29. Moisa J Wroy

    I use the Milani two in one for just concealer and love it! I've used it in some makeup tutorials!

  30. Meme Goldbars

    “And also this is kind of embarrassing” beep

  31. Victoria Robertson

    You guys should try the burts bees makeup products there amazing and so natural

  32. Neon MUA

    Drew is sharing all of our black secrets!!!! lol

  33. Maddy Jakson

    I what lily And Megan🐢 and Joslin on the show not this random girls

  34. Lauren Zulu

    I also use brown mascara for brows

  35. marina teenmagic

    is it just me or Drew's voice sounds different? is she sick?
    if so – get better soon <3

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