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  1. starlanceleo

    Tiff's laugh ❤ 😌

  2. Derrick Gichaba

    This is the most I’ve heard nigga on jk and I like it 😂

  3. the marvel legend

    What's up my n's

    Steve Greene 2019

  4. nancy roxana

    tiff. i don't recommend the permanent wire retainer. i have one and it sucks, plaque just gets built up, its hard to clean, if you're not careful when biting into an apple the wire will snap off.. i've replaced my top ones like 5 times now….

  5. Kelso Mello

    I didn’t know retainers were for life bro!
    And I’m still considering braces

  6. Enzy C

    13:50 I love this Steve & Ryan moment 😂

  7. TheICEgirl6100

    i never got a retainer, they just put like metal lines on the backside of your teeth

  8. SuperPlusExtra

    13:48 does anybody know what ryan was referring too?

  9. ad soy

    Milk that shit joe

  10. Abe Changsta

    I guess Tiff likes doing "Off The Record" more than the actual JKN

  11. Splentabulistic

    I had that thing Nicki talked about too… You had to twist the key like one or two times to make your mouth bigger… I never knew anyone else who had it, that hurttttt

  12. Evita Cakes

    You guys are so lucky youve gotten braces 🙁 id go through any pain to get my teeth straight

  13. akalayil101

    They need to get 85 South on here. 😩

  14. genshitenson

    My orthodontist never mentioned that I'd be getting attachments on all my teeth except the front two teeth. Still have them and thought I'd be done by my wedding but nope. Still can see attachments and aligners in all my wedding photos. Feel your pain…

  15. julprix

    dang 24 and over, im 18 years old and all about joe, been about him since i was 14 😂

  16. H.I.K.W.Y.A.

    18:53 facts. 1000%. move on

  17. BeForever You

    Doboy really connects w jk fam , MAFIA 🔥🔥

  18. The GCG Studio

    LOVE episodes with doboy!

  19. TheReMorseCode

    Tiff is so damn pretty

  20. MacKyJ Gaming

    EXPANDER!! That's what it's called! I had one when I was in middle school and that shit HURT!! It used to freak my dad out when my mom would have to crank the key in my mouth every night😬

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