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  1. Marilou Gault

    Do I need headphones and can I play while sleeping

  2. G moulli


  3. Joyce Prater

    I am creator of my future an controller of my mind, I am guided by an highly power. I am that I am amazing incredible this I know 🤔👏😁

  4. marananda1

    Is it necessary to hear all the voices?

  5. Claire Hargest

    Thank you for these affirmations. Happy to listen to it for at least 21 days. On the third day already. 15/1/19. 🙂

  6. hello im abbie

    If I made the audio of any of your videos 1.5x quicker, will they still work?

  7. Vivek Shankaran

    what is the level of volume i should use?

  8. Derick Brown Jr

    This may not be for you, but be open minded in taking this free weight loss body toxicity quiz at http://www.peacecrave.com

  9. Constance Cain

    At what volume should I listen to this at? Do I need to hear the words?

  10. Darlen DeVega

    I love what the guy is saying, but the woman is hard to hear and is giving me a headache!

  11. Jeanine2127

    Can you sleep while listening to this


    It's AMAZING how well these work. I always LOVE food, and I taste everything while cooking. When I listened to the loose weight ones, within days I no longer crave food. I'm eating once a day, and I feel so OK with that. it takes a long time for someone to actually die of starvation, and im eating, but only when hungry. I love it because I'm not even craving anything I can't have… When I eat, I only crave good for me stuff; salads, good quality meats, and I eat more veggies, and my tolerance for sweets is not there… The same is happening to my daughter.

    These things usually do keep the essence of you. in my case, I truly believe in my heart that some of the primitive people survived on one meal a day. That the food companies trained us to eat too much!

    primitive people who lived for about 2.6 million years with barely any changes, didn't have fridges, nor stores. They mostly have waken up and walked, and searched for berries, and seeds, a rabbit perhaps, who knows! The point is, food was almost always scares. So, why today, that we've been an agricultural people for only 10 measly thousand years, do we have to eat 3 to 6 times a day? In addition they moved a lot to avoid the weather, and other dangers…

    That's why I went there, but if your belief is to be a vegan, but you would fall off the wagon, or didn't know how to start being a vegan, that's where you'll go.

    With affirmations, your core self stays the same, but your gunk beliefs will be torned off… 😊

    Thanks Rockstar!!! 😍

  13. Empowering Channel

    Nice work. Very powerful.

  14. Anouck Emanuels

    may i ask if you could post one for weight gain been struggling so much affter giving birth to my children i am about 45 kg now really want to give myself 50 kg for my birthday nothing seems to be working but all of your sublimals my mind pick up pretty quick as in i feel immediate results specially if you believe you can achieve.

  15. Mandy Dustan

    I've read the affermations description they are my exact sentiment l. Thankyou so much for creating these fabulous s ubliminals. You are a gift to humanity, you go girl/boy thank you from my heart xx

  16. Elizabeth Photog

    I liked until he said to eat a big breakfast first thing in the morning I know they say to do that but I never lose when I make myself eat first thing.

  17. donnar909

    dear rockstar affirmations, love this video, but could you please post the affirmations? thank you!

  18. nineview

    Thank you for the great video my friend… I been attracting my desires for the past 6 years using affirmation and many great resources. Now implementing new practices, I am having great success using Ancient brain magnet(found it on google). I trust it will give you great results too. Great attraction to us all. ty

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