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  1. abubakar abdulsalam

    Am here to share my happiness testimony to everyone on how I found cure for my mom's stroke,  from Dr Harrison my mom was suffering from stroke and we did all we could to help her but it seems like there was nothing working on her,  we used medication,  it was all wasting of money we tried from one hospital to another but nothing seems to be working until I go on research just like how you did now I want you to believe there's cure out there for this stroke I went to YouTube from one videos to another went to google I searched everywhere but there was this particular man my friend was talking about Dr Harrison, I had to try out by contacting him and he asked for my address and I gave him we received oil from this Dr instruction how to use it on it and he did as he said,  after two weeks my mom was stroke free again,  I so much thank Dr Harrison for helping us restore our happiness back, let love lead we rise by lifting others.you can contact him on Harrisonnorrison100@gmail.com

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