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  1. Magnetic Minds

    Pain Relief (v.3) – Relieve Back Pain, Migraines, Arthritis – Binaural Beats – Healing Music

    Purchase this MP3: https://goo.gl/CUazpS

  2. Latoya Bailey

    Omg this works so well

  3. Ashley Parkhurst

    8:35 in pain is decreased.

  4. Vivacity Healing

    These are amazing healing tools, thank you so much!

  5. sarah mul

    Thannkk you!!!!

  6. xpansion Team

    I heal in a theta state of my takes mins to reverse pain watch me



  7. Morris Hutabarat

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  8. Chris Caldwell

    Definitely eased my constant back pain. It didn't end the pain completely, but this did help.

  9. Angela Anderson

    Pain and guilt and what the rest of the solfeggio tones can do is amazing. We just got caught up and drugs has been pushed on us and now we have what they call "an epidemic" as far as narcotics as if it's Americans fault for not being exposed to such ancient yet very powerful Technic s that you just have to listen to.there is also something called pineal tones by a Dr Todd try all of them be amazed let's take back our lives!!
    sending love and light to all;)

  10. Susanna L

    I’m using this while getting a bikini wax. God help me 😂🙏

  11. Brianna Cox

    Ugh god I love this but it kept pausing due to my shitty internet. Its been a few days since I got fillings in my left side top and bottom molars and the nerves are hurting super bad. And the entirety of both of my legs are killing me, idk what I did but ugh

  12. Katie von Olendörp

    2 hrs of this music and my migraine has gone. Just calming down with this music, a cool towel over the eyes and lying and meditating.
    I recovered and I am thankful for that.
    Migraine without any medicine and no car and alone at home is awful.

    I will share this!

  13. Wonderland Artwork

    put this on yesterday when I had a terrible headache and cramps. Popped a paracetamol before but it didn't do much, so I had this running in the background. It helped relieve some of the pain AND had me asleep in no time.

  14. Doris White

    This just worked for me. I had a sharp abdominal pain I'm sure was from something I'd eaten. Within a few minutes after listening to this I felt very tired. I then had a deep sleep for two solid hours. Feel fine now. Please be sure if listening to this that you're not driving or working on machinery. Also, please be sure you know the source of the pain and if a visit to your healthcare professional is needed.

  15. Richman 4066

    Quick question: Do you have anything for spinal realignment or fixing posture?

  16. AkA. Daraga

    I'm nearly speechless .. yeah right, never speechless, never shut up lol.. anyway.. I was literally crying my eyes out in lower back spasm 10 minutes ago, I have yet to learn the gift of self healing through self will, I'm getting there. I came to your awesome channel because I saw this on the list a month ago, it's well.. 15 minutes ago now lolol…. blah blah. I have no pain. ^_^ Thank you …. Sorry question askers 😛 sometimes we have to dig for the truth, even when it is right in front of us 🙂 Namaste

  17. J maybe

    Absolutely great for TN pain, cant recommend this highly enough. Thank you so much

  18. Ganjaboid

    Surprisingly this helped

  19. Arnaldo Melo


  20. Roupui Tungx

    Wow great …

  21. M S

    I have specific areas within my body, which each reflect distinct and complex pain, each different than the rest. There is no rhyme or reason as to when each area will strike. Yet when it/they do, it’s horrendous! I’ve seen multiple specialists. I also have a Connective Tissue Disease called Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Autoimmune Disease, which came shortly after the pain issues. Then I started to get Dx with multiple other Syndromes, “itisis” and diseases. The last Dx was Narcolepsy. This all happened within a 1 year span. If it’s not one thing, it’s always another. I can never fall asleep comfortably and stay asleep. For many reasons. One being my Narcolepsy but mostly my pain. Restless leg syndrome doesn’t help either, as neither does nerve pain. Being a double decade Registered Massage Therapist as well as an RN/BSN, I am very familiar with not only my body but how to take situations in my own hands to resolve my ailments at those times. However, I’ve been searching, listening, researching for something to help. I’m crossing my fingers on this one. As for the reviews, they give me comforting feelings. Going from being a perfectly healthy, active 35 year old, to a very sick and miserable 37 year old that quick with zero answers is very difficult. Not only to love with, but to process mentally.

  22. Mark T

    NO Doubt About this Works ! I can notice after falling asleep with Bursitis shoulder pains for last few weeks chronic always waking me up restless nights and now even though i woke up in the middle of the Night NO PAIN !!! Work the next day very little Pain and now tonight on my computer even my tendinitis does not bother me ! I will continue the night Listening to this ,so thank you very much Easy As Pie !

  23. Devita Alkimia

    this works fast really!

  24. Ruthlessly br

    Ooohh tooth pain from impacted wisdom teeth!

  25. Mimi Sarvarian


  26. Amy Ross

    Could you do a 3 hour pain relief possibly? I am looking for something that will ease my pain so I can fall asleep and I can never find one that is long enough. Thanks

  27. Shannon Holand

    A safe, natural, drug-free, and affordable way to reduce arthritic and other chronic pain is with VoxxLife's neurological socks and insoles. No lifestyle change required and they have a 30-day money back guarantee. I urge you to check it out here: https://voxxlife.com/

  28. Kris MT02

    very relaxing… had a minor medical procedure done and in some discomfort

  29. Scififan9000 :P

    Thanks, I have a headache and it really Hz.

  30. Natasha Stone

    do you have videos for manifesting? what hz do you suggest?

  31. Sudhakar Barve

    thank you for the new system, I will be trying it ,for a person at 85 yrs ,this is a boon

  32. Adam Lest

    Thanks love all your work all the best

  33. Andy U'Ren

    Absolutely love this thank you so much!

  34. Somalicious

    Omg this is pure magic. I'm so grateful to you for uploading these frequencies. I understand all about frequency and vibration but even I was shocked at how quickly this worked. I had terrible pain in both shoulders going down my arms. Nothing was working.. Until I added this to my painkillers and pain relief ointments. I'd say to anyone listening.. Just relax and visualise the area of pain healing. Try visualising white light too x

  35. AnnaJacqueline

    Sounds soothing. I subscribed to your channel. 👍🏼

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