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  1. Corey Morris

    Bless you and you’re family through this battle and congratulations to you!!
    I was “kicked in the teeth” myself with the news that my head and neck cancer had returned and had spread to my lungs,(after 3 months being cleared). I’m now at Emory in Atlanta in a clinical trial with a combination of two immunotherapy drugs…. 73% cleared so far ;). I, like you, was given no hope at the hospital I received chemo/radiation at. I was a “statistic” and basically pushed out of the door. Dr. Saba and the ENTIRE staff at Emory have been a blessing!! I’m 50 and by God, I will play with some grandkids one day! Sounds like we have similar support systems, my wife is my rock and coach. Don’t think I could have come this far without her! I hope you NEVER HAVE TO FACE THIS DAMNED DEMON AGAIN!!
    Corey Morris

  2. margaret m.

    Blessings to you for a productive live!

  3. Jack Salvatierra


  4. Dave S

    this is great.

  5. Brian Nuckles

    this is really exciting .. but know that the immunotherapy drugs only work on 25 – 30% of cancer patients.

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