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  1. Bryan Dov Bergman

    Ah rich people's stories. We have money and get to fly around the country seeking the Best care from illnesses that virtually everyone dies from. Heart warming.

  2. Too Cute For Cancer


  3. Jack Singh

    My father passed on October 1, 2019 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2016 we live in Indianapolis but he would travel to have his treatment in New York (mt siani) manhattan he had chemotherapy in October 2016 and in June 2017 had radiation after that they said we just wait 3 months after those 3 months there wasn’t a difference instead the cancer was showing signs of spreading our worst fears came true in March 2019 and eventually in September (2019) it spread to his lungs and he was on a breathing machine and his doctor told us he’s not gonna live longer and eventually went it to cardiac arrest even with the breathing machine I never thought he was gonna leave and he always had hope for new treatment it’s tuff but at the end of the day what could you do but look back and see what you could’ve done differently

  4. Mr. Joe Does Asia

    I am an American who has full insurance coverage but I am disabled and on Social Security only.

    I live in the Philippines because I can no longer afford to live in USA.

    I’m now facing my second bout with pancreatic cancer and I’m going to die because I can’t afford an airline ticket or an apartment in Houston Texas to get back to my cancer center MD Anderson.

    I’ve dedicated my life to being a missionary in the Philippine mountains feeding starving children…. I’ve dedicated all my money to this mission so I’m broke and will now die a hard death….I’m 59.

  5. Janyah Williams

    Memory of Steve Jobs

  6. Mr. Joe Does Asia

    I’m a Whipple surgery survivor… brutal recovery but I’m alive 17 years later…. however I have reason to believe I’ve got pancreatic cancer again!!

  7. Itachi Uchiha

    Most cancer can be prevented through veganism right?

  8. Dr. Sunny Duttagupta

    Which Chemotherapy was given? Any Post Operative Chemotherapy was also involved? Please share

  9. Pastii

    Most people live 3-4 months after being diagnosed.. But my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.. By the time they found out, it was stage 4 and they said he'd only life 3 months, he lived with it for 5 and a half years, then in March he passed away.

  10. NeedsMoreMoe

    I still don't know what this cancer is?

  11. feta capa

    Is he still alive?

  12. Bongo Bg Gaming

    My grandfather suffer from it I'm so depressed I dont know what to do I love him so much I hope he is going to get better everyone your health is the most important thing there are people that love you from the bottom of their heart so be thankful.Anyways thanks for reading wish you all the best.🙏

  13. Wizdumb

    RIP Wanda

  14. Jityyboat

    Last night I found out my grandma had pancreatic cancer. It’s really hard. 6 years ago. My older sister died at the age of 15 from a brain tumour. This gives me some hope. Thank you

  15. willam Estrada

    And if you were just a regular Joe like 99% of us.. forget that you will get this kind of surgery if you can't pay for it. So yeah.. Im dead if this happens to me.

  16. Aubrey livecellstherapy

    And since our body is made of stemcells. The only hope to get cured is also stemcells but stemcells injection is bloody expensive. Thanks God there is now oral livecells therapy. It REGENERATES NEW CELLS AND REPAIR DAMAGED CELLS Get yours today +639175110518

  17. Christine Hrzic

    Where is this simple test for pancreatic cancer created over seven years ago. Want to bet big pharma bought the rights and got rid of it. Cancer is big business. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/jack-andraka-the-teen-prodigy-of-pancreatic-cancer-135925809/

  18. Patrick Clifford

    This is beyond rare, its almost a winning lottery ticket. You should feel extremely blessed..

  19. Al Castill

    It's rare to see a pancreatic cancer survivor like this man. I hope he recovers well and that they will find a better early diagnosis and cure for all cancers.

  20. racism.blogger.com

    How are you today

  21. Nagi Pani

    Hey if you would like to support us plz follow us on instagram @cancerdeafters
    Thank you so much

  22. Sam Jensen


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