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  1. trex god

    Perfect very big ass


    I am so pleased that you may be getting a standing frame! You do really well with your exercises! I would be scared if I had all that metal work in my back I would damage my bones! But you have your sport to keep you fit! You have a strong upper body! I get bad sciatica,with my degenerating discs you never know when the feeling may go altogether! The incontinence has started already with a permanent Foley catheter! I would warn anybody that has a manual job to look after their back! As that's what damaged my back! I have a leg brace with a spring on my shoes to lift my drop foot! So thank you for sharing Anya 🤗

  3. Manufalket

    Like 👍

  4. jeffrey pelerine

    ive been paralized 26 years i was born with spina bifida

  5. Keisha Leahy

    Good video. These look like some good stretches. I need to do some of these myself. Maybe they will help with my pain.

  6. Simples Meerkat

    I’m going to try those back stretches!

  7. laserracer6

    could you not get a brace made that hold your feet back while you sleep ???

  8. dean simp1

    Yes very nice positions Anya i bet your Boy friend is a Happy man

  9. Gary Walker

    Instead of using a sock or towel I bought some cheep resistance bands off Amazon which work well to help straighten the foot.

  10. Strawberry Cat

    Will you be able to walk-in that stand up thing?

  11. Abdallah Abdalkarim

    Nice way to stretching💪💪
    please, could you tell me how you keep your muscles in your legs and thighs as big as it looks,
    my legs are too thin after 5 years of paraplegia even though I stretch regularly.

  12. mikheal cooper

    I also can’t walk and I have foot drop as well

  13. Ali Yusuf

    Nas garl prayerful

  14. Pieter Coetzee

    Hope u did not hurt yourself with that fall.I am a paraplegic (spina bifida)since i was born.Learning to walk braces and crutches.I am now in a wheelchair.Arms and legs cude not take the strain of walking anymore.Was in bording school where i had a lot of physiotherapy.Love your videos.Keep it up.💪💪

  15. Denis Ojok

    Thanks for the update and for sharing

  16. MrR

    Another good video Anya. You may have already tried this but a heated massage cushion may help a bit also a tens machine is good . Hope you're having a good weekend . ❤️

  17. Liam O Donovan

    Nice to see you doing different streches your awesome anya love you

  18. Ray Phillips

    Stretching is a great exercise,

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