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  1. el bandido

    My causin had three children and she got it!

  2. Chin Thieu

    change my madication too much many time so can you help me can i live still how many time? thank you so much

  3. Chin Thieu

    i"m chin vietnamesses i"m been in u.s.a i had ovarian cancer and cencer netastatic to lymph node , intra abdominal

  4. badassbella

    I wish you were my Oncologist. You have offered more kindness, information and hope than what I have gone through in the past 2 years with my very clinical (and negative) Oncologist. I am 48 years old. Tested negative for BRCA. I am in Canada. Was diagnosed with stage 3c high grade serous epithelial in October 2016. Had debulking surgey one month later. IV port was placed in my peritoneum. Unfortunately I had a subtotal hysterectomy done in 2010 due to fibroids but the surgeon did not do a full hysterectomy because I was only 40 at the time. I will never know if I would have got this cancer had she removed everything at that time. Did first line treatment for 18 weekly sessions just before that Christmas. Before Surgery my CA125 was over 3000. Responded well to carboplaten/taxol and at the End of treatment got down to 4. Was NED until May 2017 for about a year. First recurrence and started chemo in July 2018. This time treatment was 6 rounds, 3 weeks apart, but stronger. Just completed chemo on October 26. Have been trying to get approved for Lynparza (olaparib) (parp inhibitor) on compassionate grounds as here in Canada, this drug is paid for only if you are BRCA positive. Otherwise, it costs $9000.00/month canadian dollars. My husband’s benefits/insurance only covers $5000.00 total per year, so that does me no good. Due to the 8-week window of being able to start the drug from your last chemotherapy treatment, I only have until December 21st to even potentially start this pill. It doesn’t look good. There are clinical trials for BRCA-wild (negative) however I am always missing something in the eligibilty requirements where I cannot be approved. I am young. I want to live. I am not sure how it is in the U.S. but I feel defeated. I am normally a very positive person, and have remained positive for the past 2 years going through this. But when there is a drug out there like Lynparza that does have benefits for those who are BRCA negative, and you can’t afford it, it’s just not right. I hope to see more videos from you regarding Ovarian cancer. You have a lot more information that is helpful. I wish I was American and lived in the U.S. Thank you.

  5. Jyoti Basnet


  6. Cliona Sineed

    Informative x

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