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  1. happycurlhappygirl

    Hey guys! Thanks for being patient! Your girl is EXHAUSTED over here! If you’ve tried Tracee’s products lemme know your thoughts! I hope you all enjoyed this video!!! Love y’all for watching!

  2. Mariah Benson


  3. GEMof72

    Thank you for this. I love Tracey but I wanted to see what was what.

  4. michelle

    from what i've seen it looks like it works better for looser hair types🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ every review i've seen with people who have my hair type or tighter type 4 hair types didn't like it or really thought it wasn't anything special. just an observation

  5. DNC Ministries, LLC

    Girl, not Moses and Abraham! 😂😂😂

  6. Jasmine Cogdell

    Can I just say you look absolutely positively GORGEOUS 🤩💗 Killing the game sis 💅🏽 your results are PERFECTION! LOVED 👏🏽 EVERYTHING 👏🏽ABOUT 👏🏽 THIS 👏🏽 VIDEO 😍🥳

  7. GamingWithMish TM

    What is your hair type? Your Hair is beautiful

  8. Ymmanie Peguero

    Favorite youtuber hands down ☺️🙌

  9. Dearia Choice

    Jesus loves you

  10. Makiya Walker

    Yes ma'am!! The lord knew I needed the happycurlhappygirl take on Pattern before I bought it!!

  11. Oonagh72

    Your hair looks soft but with definition. Also it is moving but not losing curl. Pretty nice!

  12. DaRhae Price

    Can you try the moknowshair collection sold at sally beauty

  13. Ashley Jackson

    I loved your review. I like how you followed the directions. I feel like a lot of people didn’t follow the directions and so they didn’t receive the results that they wanted. I loved your results 😍😍😍

  14. S T

    Well alrighty now!! I think I'm going to give these products a try!! Thanks for the review.. Looooooove your videos 😁😁😁 You have me cracking up 🤣😂

  15. Kiwi Berry

    Hi where do you get that spray bottle from?

  16. Wendy Williams Simply Blessed

    Your hair always look good but I won't be buying her product too expensive for me 😔

  17. MissStovall88

    Why so much money? ⚠️

  18. Christia S.

    Joans Cinco de Mayo love it!!!! I smiled so hard. You look beautiful as usual

  19. Elisa Hawkins Williams

    Beautiful person🥰 beautiful hair🥰

  20. Destiny Williams

    Can't wait for you to review Mo knows hair line.

  21. MyOwn Ginn

    Ok slim face! We see you boo

  22. Be'n Angie B

    Your hair always looks gorgeous, no matter what u use..
    Your hair loves everything 😍😍😍
    Can’t wait to see u try #moknowshair collection too!

  23. CurlyNella1011

    This is the first positive review I have seen😮

  24. Wendy Davis Loftin

    So glad u did this review. Was waiting to see it on 3c hair

  25. Fortunada Hope

    Love it 😘

  26. Reesha Miller

    I refused to get these products because of the ingredients. I just don’t know why she felt the need to have comes in these damn products. Premium price should equal premium ingredients

  27. arike no L

    them products too esspensive to have silicones

  28. Brandy

    I miss girlfriends but l am excited they will reunite on Blackish this season☺Your hair is serving all types of awesome❤❤❤

  29. Brandy

    I miss girlfriends but l am excited they will reunite on Blackish this season☺Your hair is serving all types of awesome❤❤❤

  30. Hannah Morgan

    Your the first person that I have seen to have the leave in

  31. Tyla Weatherspoon

    Can you try the Jamaican Castor Oil Collection from As I Am?

  32. Sarina Gutierrez

    I thought I was the only one, that style factor gel wasn't doing it for me!

  33. Val Go

    gave you tried Tresemme luxurious moisture conditioner…
    it is bae… for type 4

  34. Candiblue

    You are the undefeated queen of memes I live for it!!! The hair products I don't think I will try until the price goes down.❤️❤️❤️

  35. trishalachell

    You're results were good, but will you be trying Mo Knows Hair line?

  36. Raja

    Try the Mo knows hair line!!

  37. Jessica Richards

    Woahhhhh! U look SAAAAAMALLLL! aging in reverse! Let me put this cake down

  38. Curly Tells

    The Miche Beauty shampoo is the best shampoo I’ve ever tried!! When you have the time you should check it out 💕

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