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  1. Tiffani Farrington

    He’s a real MGTOW

  2. Suni Glow

    The Male Feminist

  3. Imagine TV with Renee'

    Santa Monica is the star!!

  4. Briana Oliver

    Santi is a mess lol. I love her and DeDe.

  5. Wayne Rembert

    Technically heels were created for male royalty and warriors.

  6. DePaul Avant


  7. Lizann Fortune

    SORRY but Sante steals this show for me.

  8. Tangela Gray

    I have tried with this show, but I can’t! This is pathetic. I truly dislike the way they have the little girl so sassy and disrespectful, Bow hates herself with no true reasoning, the grandfather is the most reasonable person in the show that no one listens to. I hate that Paul left FOX’s show for this crap. I hate that they canceled it. This show should be next or get better writers and acting coaches to teach line delivery

  9. PhoenixFeather09

    Science IS a talent! I am with Paul on this one.

  10. CeCe B

    For once no hate against whites

  11. The Claaawww

    Love Mixedish!

  12. Maimuna Jah

    😂 😂

  13. wavvvy

    first haha

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