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  1. Gut Feelings

    💕 Subscribe to the NEW CHANNEL 💕

    WE NEED A NAME for the new channel!!! What's your best pick?

  2. William Stuart

    Nature’s Best or Mother Nature’s Best or Health or Bust.

  3. Black Panther

    What do you think about “baking powder”?

  4. ijaz mohammed


  5. aaliyah walker

    hopefully you can respond. i seen your videos on magnesium threonate, detoxing with cilantro and spirulina and etc but what would recommend for dpdr and anxiety symptoms caused by a panic attack?

  6. Yusuf Mohamed Salh

    Just love you and I enjoy watching your videos ,hence a one more subscriber is added to your new channel .

  7. Rob Trammell

    Looking forward to it sugar … Loving life with Peggy ???

  8. Valerie Dunlop

    Gosh I didn’t realise you were in Scotland where I come from 😍

  9. Tomasz

    But{t} Feelings

  10. ti portangeles

    "Peggy's Healthy Life"-New channel name. simple-direct.  Look forward to the new content!  Congratulations!

  11. Domitila Njem

    I subscribed already

  12. Najah Nagash

    How about Real life 😊

  13. Marianne Sedman

    New you with Peggy

  14. Gummnut

    maybe- Inner Feelings
    or Soul Feelings 🙂

  15. Lieve Van den Berghe

    name: "about life" or "just life" … 🙂

  16. DIYman

    Why not just call it "P.S. – AfterThoughts"

  17. google owns you

    Congratulations on the new channel! Your name is great for alliteration, so let's try some name ideas:
    1. Peggy's Place
    2. Positively Peggy
    3. Peggy Power
    4. Pondering Peggy or Pontificating Peggy (these two can mean either that YOU are thinking, questioning and exploring something/yourself, or that WE are exploring/thinking about you)
    5. Peggy's Poopie Pants or Pretty Peggy's Perverted Porn Palace (just joking!)
    I hope these at least spark some ideas. Good luck!

  18. Vic ZC

    Peggy's Feelings

  19. Ingrid Neugebauer

    Super excited for you and will look forward to this new journey 🙏🌻

  20. Steven Couture

    How about: The Journey

    I say this because I know to you it is not just about you Peggy – it is about everything and everyone that touches your life

  21. Em Lave

    I think it’s gonna be awesome.

  22. linda__christine

    Yay! Both channel contents are very helpful to me! I’m so excited for your new channel,
    💛 INSPIRED LIFE 💛 or
    💜 LET’S DO THIS! 💜 or

  23. Lotus

    Positively Holistic…

  24. Stephanie W

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about you and your journey Peggy. I will definitely be subscribing!!

  25. Sarah Tilling

    How exciting. Good on you, Raw Peggy 😊😘

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