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  1. miss55apple

    I love Your make up video’s but i kinda miss Your cooking vlogs or just random vlogs

  2. Only1TrinaB

    The lady lied to you the lavender powder is the one that has a lavender tint but the other doesn’t

  3. Noraine N.

    I live for this look😍

  4. ani Love.00

    wow your so freaken beautiful what the heck your skin oh my god is glowing! i also loved how your eyes looked before the concealer it made it look like a smokey eye
    i also have darker skin around my eyes which i was so insecure about but now i dont feel that way people say it looks like i always have a smokey eye look ahahha

  5. Stephanie Cain

    You're just effortlessly beautiful. ♥️

  6. Mickey Riggins

    This one was great!

  7. Dawn etc.

    Hi Nikki . I would like to buy this Fenty foundation because the 1st fountain was way to drying on me!😬. You look flawless girl. You should maybe try the KKW under eye brightening powder. I love your look. I don’t like the new packaging , because the new primer is in the old packaging. It looks cheap. I only have a small hustle baby, which I’m almost finished Love it. I love❤️ it. Hydrating foundations are more me as well. You look stunning Nikki🌟🙏🌅 Dawn

  8. Tonya B.

    Nikki you always drop hidden makeup gems, tips and flawless technique. Sometimes I’m not sure how I feel about both Fenty formulas and I struggle with a shade it’s weird I mix 230 & 310. I also mix formulas. I agree with the Nike strip highlighter🙄I’m over it. Fenty’s other products are life🙌🏽. During the work week and on vacation, I too use the bronzer as a shadow . Smooches 😘

  9. AwkwardlyDbeauty

    Absolutely gorgeous girl 💋💋💋💋

  10. Millicent Spears


  11. Miss B

    Dunno why but I didn’t like the foundation colour it looked a bit greenish dunno if it’s just me

  12. Kavita T

    Could you please review the new ABH foundation thanks babe x

  13. Ade Lopez

    Girl, you're so beautiful but you talk sooo much…please stop!!!!

  14. Maria Andrade-Fernandes

    Thank you Nikki….appreciated ❤❤❤❤

  15. A

    I thought it only happened to me! I have quite dark circles that are hereditary and whenever I use translucent powder (especially banana) it causes darkness!! Only one that doesn't is Laura M or like you say powders with pigment (rcma color powders are great). Any recommendations on drugstore options that work for you? Love from the states ♥️

  16. Fatima Khan

    Could you do a full face of too faced

  17. Nick

    I heard cashew from fenty is the perfect yellow under eye powder, not the banana for our skin tone I’m like the same color as you

  18. lrochester100

    what lip color are you wearing?

  19. Rainy C

    I'm officially getting the hydrating foundation. I thought there would be less pigment, but your video is second one I've seen that says the pigment is strong. Loved this review…🤗

  20. jessica nille

    Wow just so beautiful !!!!

  21. Norma Morales

    OOOWWW Yeah!!! Exactly what I was waiting for minus the highlight 😍❣️!!!

  22. noora habib

    So gorgeous !!Love it ,What eyelashes do you have on they're stunning ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  23. Shaheeba Rummun

    Im shocked when you said 'im not in love with highlight anymore' 😳. I watched you since beginning you loved highlighter soo much what happened now??.😯😯😯

  24. Rianne Barreto

    I actually prefer the fairy bomb shimmer powder thing idk it's basically the fenty loose highlighter in 24 karay way more than the actual pressed ones

  25. Tanisha Solanki

    U look amazing wiv or without makeup and u have a great Heart

  26. Alejandra Espinosa

    Thinking about getting the stick foundation for contouring… did you love it?

  27. Kat Maxwell

    You truly look so amazing 🙌🏽🙌🏽👸🏽

  28. Jade Simpson

    You’re so pretty with AND without makup 😻🥰❤️

  29. Chloe Cortéz

    the foundation looks really good on your skin! btw, what lashes are you wearing? x

  30. Jashania N

    Love your videos ❤️😭

  31. Johnnel Adderley

    Hiya Nikki, a super informative video. The look is fantastic 😍😍😍!!!
    In all true honesty, Fenty products doesn't work for me😟😟. The only thing I use are the glosses. So I won't be purchasing this foundation. I agree with you I don't like plastic tube packaging. I'm so use to foundations being in a bottle.
    I struggle with that greyness under my eyes as well, so I will try those tips you recommend.
    Thanks for being so amazing 💗💗💗💗!!!

  32. Jones Jones

    Love it… Then again i loved everything u do so many great looks and tips u give.

  33. natasha young

    The perfect everyday glam 👌🏽😍

  34. Maddison Mcrae

    Who wishes to be her good at makeup good at cooking and beautiful

  35. Maddison Mcrae

    You’re so beautiful inside and out with makeup and without makeup I look up to you

  36. Always Andrea

    I'm just editing my review now…have you tried the 'Brow MVP'?

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