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  1. Kenna Nichols

    11:10 "We're not gonna adjust a bad joint over another bad joint are we?" "Yes" "No we're not" "No no" 🤣

  2. Sixolisiwe Sibebosi

    Watching this from South Africa, Cape Town

  3. Sarah R. Trenchard

    Is anyone else finding it kinda hard to hear the patient? Great job though! Your work must be very fulfilling

  4. Sky Child Enlightened

    Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. Lol

  5. Danielle

    You’re so funny 😂 I hope this lady is feeling much better? Wonderful.

  6. 민슈가 천재 짱짱 맨 뿡뿡

    I guess the answer is always in the sacrum XD

  7. Alyssa Yost

    Dr. G is amazing. I wish I could see him. He works wonders

  8. Reigne Enriquez

    where is your clinic Dr. Rahim

  9. Valerie Shepherd

    Poor woman was so terribly nervous at first but now I think she is a Dr Gonstead believer xxx

  10. Mike Lentsch


  11. Rene Kaminski

    What is that breathing technique good for?

  12. Flavia Pavanelli

    Dr. Rahim….. I really need you!!!! I love your work. Hope some day I can see you. Kisses from Brazil 😃😍

  13. Sajc Emmanuel

    'My bottom feels bigger', Lol! She's a classy lady, with a gentle personality. So glad she feels better!

  14. Jo B

    How comes there's no Chiropractors working in England on Youtube?
    Gosh I've suffered from chronic pain since I was 17 I'm 50 this year 😭

  15. Mariatu Kamara

    Salam to you Dr I am so happy seeing you doing this. I also a freezing shoulder for modern ten years,presently I am in UAE to fine solutions to this pain. I came from Sierra Leone west Africa. Please Dr I need your help .please tell me where to fine you. I want your treatment

  16. Lynn Monet

    How to contact you!!!

  17. Bijay kumar jha

    I m from India & A Teacher & Having severe back & neck pain issues..I want to meet u…..But it is neither affordable nor possible as U r in USA. Dear sir Can't u open Branch Here…?

  18. skinncess

    Dr come to the caribbean we are in pain from daily life.

  19. C Game

    Doctor every time you say "walk it out" I dunno why that song comes to mind. I think that is what it says ….🤔🤗😊HERE IS LINK came back edited LOL. https://youtu.be/pxjZM-d_ShI

  20. C Game

    😤😢😭 WHY ARE U NOT IN TEXAS? IS THERE SOMEONE U CAN recommend that's does what you do here in Dallas Texas? I don't believe that there's anyone else as good as you but, I just can't travel with 5 kids.

  21. Ani G

    Always in awe of the transformation! Much respect to Dr Rahim.

  22. Phillip Sargeant

    Dr Rahim, do you know of a Chiropractor here in the UK that you would recommend ? It's great watching the work you do. Interestingly, years ago (35), my sister lived across the road from the Anglo European College in Bournemouth, back then it was quite a fringe treatment, luckily now it's more mainstream. Anyway, if you know of someone, it would be really appreciated, I live in the London area… Thanks in advance….Phil

  23. Carmen Maria

    Your office doesn't accept Aetna Insurance correct? If so,do you have any East Coast locations or any Gonstead practitioners You can recommend? Thx!

  24. Virginie Jorion

    What I absolutely adore about you, Dr Rahim, is that you take time for your patients, you are very respectful, you make it completely about the patient and you explain everything so well. And of course you know what you are doing and you are helping them.

  25. fazal raheem

    I am from Pakistan I like your passion you really treat people very well,you are best, and that lady is amazing God bless her I can feel her pain because I have also low back pain

  26. Neal Thomson

    Aweh! VIVA S.A.!

  27. Gontse Motiang

    I'm so sad that she believes no one in South Africa could help her. So not true, but we all have our preferences

  28. Wildlife Safaris Johannesburg

    Great vid as always ! Must be from the Cape ( in South Africa ) with that accent ! Glad you got sorted , will watch the video again just now !

  29. Kasri Handayani

    When doctors said a’uzibillah himinassyaitonirajim it’s give me goosebumps ,May Allah bless you with strong imman 💕💕💕

  30. FunkyFireFly Vanessa

    Dang, you got another South African desperately wanting to come for some decent chiropractic work.

  31. Priyal Parekh

    Please visit india

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