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  1. FoundMyFitness

    Get the show notes and transcript!

  2. Miro Kirschner

  3. Jacob s

    This is a great interview, very educational. Not to be a hater but why not have a better set up, those two chairs look uncomfortable.

  4. Thanh Truong

    Thank you for the caption. I can't keep up with this conversion when it gets really technical. Good talk.

  5. OZ D1983

    She’s very cute!

  6. Marijo Gudić

    Two very smart persons. No ideology or dirty interest, just pure facts i knowledge

  7. Eddy Ramos

    Dr. Ronda Patrick
    There was a study done by Henry Mayo Clinic I believe in 2015 on food restriction and reversal of polycystic disease! Can u do a video on how fasting can stop cystic proliferation and maybe the link cAMP , mtor etc. I think that fasting can reprogram your 🧬 genetics:)

  8. Tube Valve

    Peter has brilliant and so funny capability to confuse Rhonda, who is not easy to be confused brilliant doctor. Both are among really the best promoters of healthy medicinal knowledge to the masses. Excellent interview, thank you Peter and Rhonda.

  9. Charles

    Peter A: “Don’t ask me about APOE”

    Rhonda: doesn’t ask

    Peter A: proceeds to give opinion on APOE

  10. Abe B

    Love this guy!! Great content for strength training athletes

  11. Amel Jasarevic

    Dr Peter attia looks like Mo Salah without hair and beard.

  12. andiamoci22

    so what should I eat now? can somone sumerize

  13. adrian avram

    fact :gut bacteria eats only plant fiber and carbs–no meat /protein -so that means our designer food is plant based not animal products that rot inside colon and create inflammation/cancer

  14. Julie Joseph

    Nope. Keto is not for forever health. I’m out.

  15. Pinhas Krengel

    Cancer is a viral disease. Virus destroys mainly end cells (matured cells in Q
    compartment), to which the organism responds with chronic inflammation and
    increased proliferation to restore the organ and clean the debris. In this
    chronic inflammation tumor may emerge. When stem cells are hit, the entire
    Tissue Proliferation Unit disappears, to which the organism responds with
    dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, carcinoma, etc… According to the hypothesis of
    professor Zajicek MD, tumor protects against cachexia (muscle loss, wasting
    manifested as fatigue and weight loss). Every cure, which silences the disease
    driver, namely virus, cures cancer. Muscle loss is seen in all cancer types.
    Cancer is one disease. Example: Fever is a defensive mechanism. Plus two
    degrees protects while plus five kills. As long as tumor does not block any
    vital function or causes pain, it should be left untreated. Patient should keep
    her tumor as much as possible. Some people find alternative treatments, like
    Ann Vigmor diet, very helpful. With a treatment strategy of tumor dormancy and
    with host resistance to virus , only minimal doses of medication may be
    required. Tumor dormancy is a state:when tumor shrinks or stop growing. In any
    case patient feels healthy.

  16. Michael Fuchs

    He interrupted Rhonda the entire time – super annoying. She's got way more patience than I would've had

  17. Greg Deacon

    Gotta give a big shoutout to Doug Chromedimadome

  18. Gordon Ketch

    after years of sinusitis I no longer have a problem by taking vitamin c daily.

  19. John

    Attia is definitely intellectually outclassed by Dr. Patrick … he should take a class from her and learn some of the recent research on microbiome.

  20. Patricia Hoke

    The climate change – ant comparison shows you seem to be very short-sighted about climate change, Peter!

  21. Halorocker101

    I had trouble understanding a lot of this but I really enjoyed it. It's a nice contrast to the usual layman interviews/podcasts/lectrues.

  22. Mitchell Baker

    Man these two in the same video, how have I not seen this before now!?

  23. Stefanie Brocker

    This guy seems so uncomfortable that he is learning something new from a woman.

  24. olivia olivia

    She is interviewing herself !!! Let Peter to talk ……,!

  25. Austin Cina

    What an incredible difference in intelligence! Peter Attia, of course, representing brilliance, and Rhonda, of course, epitomizing mediocrity. Poor thing.

  26. L D

    I am surprised Dr. Attia wasted his time on this channel.

  27. bigbangnone

    Peter mistakenly did not recognize the microbiom and the affect of intestinal flora on the immune system. It seems that he is still thinking the old way….that carbs vs. protein and insulin are the only formula for good healthy eating. 18:00 And his ant comment is an irrelevant analogy. And I think Peter has allot of mucin affecting his ability to focus.

  28. Sir Nice

    She is so ridiculously thick. I bet he hit that!

  29. Cassia Chloe

    This guy just keeps interrupting her.. especially towards the end. Jumping in mid sentence. would love to hear what she has to say. If only this guy could learn a little common decency

  30. Kurt Steinmuller

    My two favorite docs

  31. Glenn Lockwood

    Wow Tregs. I am invested in a company developing Tregs called Sangamo.

  32. V C

    Insulin sensitivity seems to be at the root of most illnesses.

  33. Chris Dailey

    If IGF and excessive protein cause cancer, why aren’t we seeing elevated cancer rates in bodybuilders. Or are we?

  34. Mind Drip

    Did anyone glean some practical tips from this quite so technical discussion?

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