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  1. Mariska Fisher

    Cancer woman got ghosted by a libra male
    We had such a deep soul connection well least from my side
    So he ghosted me during Easter weekend in April it broke my heart it still does but im stronger now
    Saw he is In a relationship on 29th of June with a girl I had a feeling about didnt even cry felt emotionless but it explained the ghosting

  2. Dale Edwards

    I think you are so right about so many things. I hope the outcome turns out exactly like you say – fingers crossed

  3. Candice Martinez

    OMG! 😭💔 yep. Twinglame journey! I love him so much. Dealing with a Leo. I'm a pisces sun, cancer ascendant, scorpio moon. He pulled a way and it just hurt me… I released his energy tonight.😭 Divinely guided, if it's meant to be it will be.

  4. Arrodeja Massie

    I felt like he liked me…just as you say. We spoke about having yin yang tats…he is tatted and I am not. I can imagine that you are soooooo right. I wanted for him to call or text….its been 8 months and I have not been with anyone else since. Kinda just cutting that cord now. Gonna keep being patient for my next DM. Thank you for this lady!!! Much love. New subcriber!!

  5. Arrodeja Massie

    Because I was ghosted ..I am watching..I will continue to watch but Irdgaf….he was my yin to my yang for the time….hes gone.

  6. Sarina Clark

    Cross watching and MAN you describing me in the beginning. It’s so real it scared the hell out me! It feels like real love and it scares me 😱

  7. Ivari Bradley

    I’m A Taurus & I Just Ghosted On A Cancer .

  8. Theresa Vacca

    I resonate so much to your message. Thank you 🙏🏻

  9. Purple Reighn's

    First, I'd like to say you are hilarious! "Ghoster" is worse than anything I could have called this Sagittarius who dipped those 10 swords in poison and stabbed me in the back! I stay off social media as he is there 24/7. Before sun up to almost sun up again.
    Yeah he fuckin ghosted me, I shall stay ghosted 😂 and now recruiting people to drag me back for another of his countless rounds of ghosting. 👻

  10. Theresa Vacca

    I put myself in pause position trying to discern which direction to take ? I have waited sin Feb? on communication?

  11. alicia Blanding

    Your so….. freakin right and he’s a freakin 🔥 sign!! The stop 🛑 go stop go… has gotten old as shit… Solo it is I too can go silent for ever!! This time ummmm he’s ghosted me for the last time! He’s…. so insecure and it has become annoying!


    Thanks a lot !! Totally resonated …Means the world to me

  13. Michelle Falco

    We have a  karmic connection  – has issues – builds walls-  he chose to shut the door  and turn heel  , which told me he didn't care enough-ghosting is cruel and its hurtful. I believe deep down he has demons he struggles with. Yea he walks around with this persona for sure-what will be will be-

  14. Michelle Falco

    your readings r the best -you are always so real straight to the point no bullshit-and always on point-same reading you gave for may and june-amazing

  15. Lesley Elliott

    Brilliant read. So informative. Thank you!

  16. R A

    He was ghosted because he is still married. Married is not single and when he comes at me completely available, he can have all of me. He retreated into the safety of his shell instead of keeping lines of communication open. I am not scared of the connection and I am not interested in the bs of negativity from his current relationship. He has this time to get his ducks in row so he can treat me with the same love & respect I offer him. Cancer is not better without me – he needs to get his divorce and ear up his life without my interference. I am completely in love with him and I am not with anyone else or planning on being with anyone else to fill the time. It's completely him.

  17. Hema Gupta

    It's resonate totally with me but now I don't think I can accept him

  18. G C

    What's been triggered?? Ahh, misery, distrust, anger, bitterness, getting rid of everyone in my life, my job, my home, hating everythand everyone – how bout that just for starters

  19. jakeria Riley

    U literally told my story 💯❤️ your gifted boo 😘

  20. Jewelia Keller

    wow this resonated with me better than any other tarot reading I've ever watched

  21. Antoinette Wynne

    Damn Pisces ghosted me. Before I could get through the video I said F it. I'm texting him. I believed he was protecting his ♥. Sure enough his response was that he thought I was trying to distance myself cause i told him i needed to refocus my energy🤔. Conversation was like we never missed a beat. Heyyy. He got a big ego. We can heal together. We missed each other. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  22. Susie Stevens

    I'm a day or two late for this reading nevertheless, I know now for sure spirit guided me towards your channel. I dont feel that heaviness in my heart!
    I think I'll finally be able to sleep tonight! 😀
    Thank u

  23. Analisa Ruiz

    Wow! Wow! I just started the reading, and I'm like laughing, because wow! That just said it right there, divine connection, they can't deal, they have me on a pedestal, and think they are not worthy… Ghosting me, and finding another person to satisfy their sexual needs and their lower vibration. He's a Venus in sagi, rising Aries. Just wow! I was drawn to this video for a reason❤️❤️ He's trying to build a business, and always on the go, always bored haha very good with people 🙄 omg, yes! Never been In a serious relationship, and just wow! Thank you for this!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I stepped back, blocked him.. I deserve more than a mask. Until he reveals himself under his mask, then I will open up again. I will not take anything less. So step it up Divine Masculine!!!! 😂 Because I'm not waiting .. I'm living! ❤️❤️

  24. The BillionDollar Bond

    Your energy and passion is amazing

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