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  1. Mac B

    Thank you 🙏❤️🌹!!!! Rosy you are SPOT ON 1000 % !!!!!!!!

  2. Christina Onopa

    I’m crying watching this.. I needed to hear this. Thank you! 🙏🏼♥️

  3. julie ann corral

    Hi may i ask what ascendant, moon, and venus of ur reading

  4. Nevaeh

    Amazing ❤️

  5. Vegas Summer

    He’s been watching me outside for years 😩😤 i didn’t even know this & i just found out 😐 he’s still stalking me and I’ve been trying to find his hiding place outside of my apartments but can’t ☹️ idk how he’s doing it …& I don’t like this at all. 😭🤦🏾‍♀️ He seen me with my wig off & he seen me drop things and everything… like stop stalking me 😭😭😭😭 he’s my Twinflame .. let me be!!!!! It’s driving me crazy!!!!! 😭😩

  6. Jack Smith

    Crosswatching Taurus, and you are correct I think in every word you said literally every word also watched my reading and it was pretty close as well , I think me and the Cancerian who I adore, might be the only people who ghosted each other at the same time and for mainly the reasons you state in both vids, however there is also the 3rd party aspect at her end that you did not pick up on which was partly my reason, and I suspect party hers, but I needed to tell you how accurate this reading was, literally everything you said about me, and the flame cards you pulled 100% what i wish to say to her, and yes its a divine union, this has been confirmed to me countless times ( and I have known deep down for a very long time) damn I hope she see's this ( I cant move towards her as I am blocked) I did not exactly ghost her, I gave her reasons some of which you mention her, I was a little more vague about some of it. In the Taurus read you also said it was all her, which is probably true as we both have shit to deal with for sure

  7. Sela Bmeskel

    😮 thank you for the awesome reading 🙏🏻 this resonated with me to the T!!

  8. Sherwin Chua

    So enlightened to hear your reading and realize i do have to love myself more and more AND BE STRONG and just believe and trust the universe!

    A stronger and better cancer coming up!

  9. Luke Skywalkerpepe

    Did someone tell you to pipe down?that’s quite a low tone you put on there.

  10. Kinga Katarzyna

    Resonates! Just so so amazing! You’re amazing. Thanks 🙏🏻

  11. Spaceman Creations

    Thanks soon I came on the porch they pulled of They forget I'm physic 11:56pm They must dont know I'm Divinely protected I'm a Cosmic Baby

  12. Belleza

    ♋️ Great read thank you my beautiful Chica … love ur channel your awesome 👏🏻 what tarot cards did you use for head & heart space read? Namaste 🙏🏻

  13. Phoenix Rising

    Where the heck is this person LMBO everybody around me looks like they hate me

  14. Henry Cazares

    Im cancer male , i the wish she the earth sign will just talk to me , i dont want anything from her but to be herself with me , i have a lot of love for her and ill be there for her with whatever it is shes going thru , even if it's just wirh us being friends.she should put herself on a pedestal , i liked her the day i met her she's a beautiful lady and her smile wow. Im the one who's not good enough for her .

  15. Alui H.

    Thanks 💗

  16. Shanda Davis

    Whoa!! This was insanely on point. Gives me some hope for sure. Thank you ♥️

  17. Ale Cer

    How can i book a reading?

  18. Ale Cer

    Spot on reading. You have narrated my story and painted my twin with perfection. Thank you for the messages and for the amazing reading.

  19. Lillian Johnson

    I have had his back, supported him, encouraged with no reciprocity. I am weary!

  20. Lolita Gardner

    Very Powerful 💕😭

  21. Eddie Eddie

    This reading make me cry….its exacly my situation now……thank You.

  22. Caroline Bracero

    Amazing reading. You’re fun to listen to. I feel that it resonated the most and many readings I’ve watched are saying the same thing.

  23. Jennifer Denham

    He always tells me all my flaw and has drained mei feel like I'm u

  24. Wyld Wood

    …and my Virgo sister🥀

  25. Wyld Wood

    You just read my Leo sister…we’ve had a convoluted past. I’m estranged from, and miss, her.

  26. Misty R

    Wow so on point thank you for our Reading ❤Ghosted by a Capricorn and also I do go to the gym same as him.



  28. fairy dust


  29. Kimberleigha Michelle

    This resonated so much for me. The message came to me last night that it was all him and this confirmed everything I've been feeling. 💚

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