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  1. Jenna Murphy

    Wow I really like this video!! I did this and it's already starting to feel a little bit better.

  2. henrifernandez1

    Fantastic- and so refreshing to have a familiar northern english accent rather than American or antipodean as in most you tube videos! You are so clear and the pace is just right too. I have been doing pilates for 18 years but back strain when raking leaves (gardening without a warm up) two weeks ago)! Back to basics is great for my back- thank you ! It feels so much better.

  3. Lisa Gibson

    New to Pilates and this class has been really helpful. Thank you very much 💚

  4. Dee Tee

    Similar to the back classes I'm doing at the hospital…I'll be following these videos when my appointments finish.

  5. Jopie Kaasjager

    Thanks for sharing! Really helps my lower back especially with strain put on my lower back on a daily basis.

  6. Ann Nee

    Pilates with Philomena Cunk. Love it! Thank you😃

  7. Abigail Wylie

    I suffer from 'constant' sciatica in my buttock and thigh from back injury and having had a bad few days of intense nerve pain, I found your video and I am shocked that immediately after the pain in my leg has completely eased. Thank you for such an in-depth, fantastic video. I can go to bed pain free for the first time in a while!!

  8. Sarah Butler

    thanks – great start to the day

  9. majesticalps

    Really useful. Very clear instructions. I keep forgetting to engage lower abdominal muscles!

  10. Ann Mulgrew

    Great video and loved the explanations throughout very professional and will be doing this again and sharing x

  11. fliss wood

    Great video! Hopefully doing this 4-5 times a week will help my lumbar scoliosis

  12. Mel V

    Good morning! When you bend the knees and put the hand under your head, how bend are the knees exactly? Are the heels right under the glutes? Thank you! Great program btw!

  13. Corinne Saunders

    what is a malteaser?

  14. greenphotos

    Thank you, this is just the right level of friendliness and professionalism. Great to find such clear instructions without feeling useless and inflexible. My journey continues! 🙂

  15. Liv Spargo

    Really great exercises relieved my lower back pain I had after lifting a big rock, and after the first time I did these exercises I haven't had lower back pain or glute tension. thanks so much!

  16. GRACE Jones

    iv been suffering from sciatica and find your excellent instuctions very helpull indeed, while i await my appointment for physiotherapy. I have bookmarked this and intend to do it every day its so enjoyable too. thank you.

  17. MediumMarie Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant

    video now in my favourites! I couldn't of got through my bad back without you! Thankyou!!! xx

  18. Jayanti Karandikar

    Awesome video. Just what I needed.

  19. kwannam9900

    I really like your detailed video as I have scoliosis and need the back exercises all the time. Your instructions are clear and useful. Thank you.

  20. Rachael Buckley

    This video is just perfect for my recovering lower back sprain- the instruction is great and I've been doing this every day! Thanks!

  21. 22brigadoon

    you are wonderful. Do you have the next level of this workout on video? thank you

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