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  1. Dong Li Manoban

    hey guys i have just started my doxycycline treatment… and just started a youtube channel! do show share some love!!

  2. Sandy Bleh

    Hey can you make a video about the vitamins marketed by influencers? Theres a lot of videos of people talking about whether they work or not and i would love to hear the opinions of someone trustworthy and knowledgeable.

  3. Gemma Diaz

    Can you please do a video on herbivore skincare specifically their spray toners🤔 and pleeeeaaaaaassssseeee please do a video on getting rid of bright red acne scars on pale skin😭 I’m desperate😭

  4. brittane mcbride

    Can you give your thoughts on the goddess garden face line, I really like it. I think it fairly new. Not sure but would like your thoughts

  5. Efe Asagbra

    Have the tonic. It's entirely orange now. Was also entirely irritating for me. When I stopped, my skin normalized.

  6. Manuel Serú

    Please do a video on the retinol line😍

  7. Sara

    Could you suggest Maelove and Paula's choice brand, please?

  8. Christi Rowland

    You came up in my feed when you did Jacklyn (lipstick-gate) Hills lipsticks. I have been watching you ever since. No nonsense, no bs, no crazy stupid crap. Facts!!! 💗

  9. Annie Mohammad

    I remember u having a lot of bad acne and pores .. can u advice me how to get rid as I think u r makeup less here and ur skin looks lovely

  10. Sandi CeCe Bort

    Hey chica 🤗 question I'm in the market for a Vitamin C that's not gonna break the bank ☺ I've got dry ( combo but leaning towards the dry end) mature skin… Help 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank u for being honest and informative ❤❤❤❤❤🙌🙏👊

  11. johana ochoa

    Genial vídeo

  12. Nabeeha Yaseen

    Where are these available? Loved the vid!

  13. Lila Campos

    Yes please, I want to no more of the serum if is worth my money

  14. J P

    Ok…. Now what? 🤯

    Jk, I really love your vids, Cassie, lol!

  15. Karson Bruce

    Okay I'm going to stop commenting I just looked below and its getting to be a bit much. K bye stay smiley.

  16. Karson Bruce

    Video of unfiltered daily routine. R u getting up at 5 anymore? I don't know how Unjaded Jade does it. I don't have a morn. Routine I just lay in bed and desperately want one.

  17. Karson Bruce

    Whoo, Also totally impressed my dermatologist with my knowledge of accutane when I went for a blood work check, how I'm supposed to take it, what it is, etc…..#allbecauseofyou

  18. Karson Bruce

    Video on cetaphil America's most used facial cleanser. And sarave moisturizer.

  19. Karson Bruce

    Can you do a review on Thayers whitchazel toner what you think, why toners aren't nessesary, what you think of toners? Do you still use them? Are there products that still tone that aren't actually labeled as a toner?

  20. JennFlProfile Updated

    Yey!! DoyouhavePodcast thatCanHearOfflineToo?! Loves

  21. Karson Bruce

    Dang, let's make her queen. Snaps for this.

  22. Karson Bruce

    Skin care police are you wearing sunscreen?

  23. Karson Bruce

    I'm starting a list of all your metaphors and publishing them in a New York Times best seller which will then get into Oprah's book club and endorsed by Machel Obama.

  24. Charlotte Chan

    Dear Cassandra,

    I’m a long time subscriber of yours that is born and raised and now still lives in Hong Kong. I’ve been a fan since I was 15 and now I’m 22.
    I’m mostly introverted so I rarely comment on things(sorry) but as I saw your recent Instagram and Facebook post on your trip to Hong Kong, which I’m very glad you came and love the place, I feel the need to clarify stuff up.
    Hong Kong is part of the PRC, but it is not China. And to equalise the two together is just as dangerous as confusing beer to pure ethanol.
    Hong Kong is not China. And by saying that ‘I understand that HK is not China BUT…” then continue to turn a blind eye on what’s happening in HK and the actual life people lives in the PRC and HK is just wrong.

  25. Miss Miaw

    I wish you review cosdna (paris hilton's skincare)..

  26. Goshana Pokharel

    I really trust you a lot… love you 😍

  27. Jocelyn Schmidt

    Can you do a review on the brand S.W. Basics?

  28. Emily L

    Omg ily so much

  29. Oriana Forsythe

    It’d be so cool if you could review top suggested products from Reddit’s skincareaddiction.
    Like for example, I have sensitive and acne prone skin, so I went to their information tab and bought the drugstore products they suggested for my skin type.
    I use a vitamin c serum they suggest that is so expensive, and sometimes I’m not sure if it’s worth the money I pay, but maybe it is because I see some results.
    Idk if this makes sense lol. It was just be awesome to see you talk about the subreddit because they have a lot of interesting information there, and I’d love to know if you agree with a lot of it.

  30. Yogabish

    5 steps- no thanks! Love this video, I’ll never get over how well spoken you are. Would love a caffeine in skincare video. 💛

  31. noemi calzada

    I love your honest opinion

  32. Tanya Digit

    can you do a deep dive on Aloe Vera ?? like full deep dive. Everything online is trying to sell me a crap product 🙁
    thanks 🙂

  33. Mrs. Watson

    This is why i love ❤️ Cassandra she helps save a coin …

  34. LisaD GingerSnaps

    😂😂 Pixi is that drunk friend.🤣 Loved it!

  35. Valeria DLZamora

    Have you ever tried the new skin care from Target called Versed? Could you do a deep dive on these products? I love your videos❤️

  36. KourtneyBrooke

    I don’t like that they put salicylic acid in some of the vitamin c items cuz I’m allergic and I just find that to be a weird combination of ingredients as well. Glad you’re calling them out on this line in general lol

  37. Morgane Vig

    Thanks Cass, love you <3

  38. lilacshine9

    Pixi is too pricey for it to contain ingredients that do very little and/or disagree with your skin. I read ingredients in most of the C line and I think it would actually just clog/break out or irritate my skin.

  39. DragonRebelle77

    There are a lot of suggestions already but I would love a video just like this on Pixies Retinal line.

  40. Alimac Nvegancheese

    You are so informative and thorough and honest. Brilliant job and I love your passion trying to show the truth in the beauty industry. ❤️ would you consider talking about timeless vitamin c? I have read the percentage of vitamin c is really good so would love your thoughts x

  41. Lauren Dunnam

    LOVE how you explain things soo well. Could you do a video on the ACURE Line? I use their brightening moisturizer and face wash.. wondering if they are good or not bc they are not expensive lol

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