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  1. Bao Ho

    This motivate me to finish my final paper 5 hours before class start 🙂 yikes, rip sleep

  2. Zatanxxx 19

    This is sweet

  3. Mutus Manes

    Why us there lofi hip hop music over the fn video??

  4. KowaL

    What the fuck is that background noises that destroy the original video? Bullshit.. ofc i mean the shit music bruh..

  5. Connor Wilson

    3:00 that songs sounds familiar 🤔🤔

  6. Native Engine

    God. When are these two going to get married? Some major will-they-or-won't-they energy.

  7. SonnyG59

    Cheers for uploading this bro, hopefully now grekler can get jacked and then fuck pokimane PogChamp

  8. Jack Bruyea

    stop talking at the beginning please

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