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  1. legally ΔΣSTHΣTIC

    Ok so I wanna be 41 or 40 kg I am now 55kg I'm 13 and I'm only 155cm I am really short lol

  2. xo luv

    listening to a kapelsu subliminal :

    tingles walked in

  3. Ryu Hwayoung

    Hye guys I'm just found this subs so I will keep update after listening to it 🙂
    Height: 164 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Goals: 46 kg

    Day 1(7.11.2019):(WILL UPDATE AFTER LISTENING)

  4. Алексей Обеликс

    request: get a fatty belly subliminal. request: ultra powerful weight gain fat, most of the fat goes into the stomach subliminal.

  5. amor. exe

    so ok i’ll update but only when i’ll see a drastic change in myself. i’m commenting this on all subliminals i listen to. you can checkout my playlist “let it flow~” if u wanna know what all i’m using. i’m just tryna stick with it so keeping a track here letsssss go uwu
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

    1 week review:

    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

    2 week review:
    Playlist suggested or not:
    Using further or not:

  6. Jikook_Confirmed

    Day 1: I'm listening to this now and my stomach feels weird and hurts a little, I feel like I am losing weight

  7. Jikook_Confirmed

    I was the 555th like, a sign? Maybe, maybe not

  8. Brandon Nop

    Aw man desire don’t really work on me. ;(

  9. Rizzybear

    I’m going to update for the fun of it C:
    I will update in the morning because I just found this sub that looks like it works really well. Also I cleaned out my playlist so i have this subliminal and 2 or 3 more with boosters by her/him (idk)and this other YouTuber I don’t know. 😅One of the subliminals are slim leg thigh gap (idk if I spelled it right)

    I’m going to try to do the no mirror challenge (I will look in the mirror but not look at my results after an hour o so.) I also will try the 28 days challenge. Subliminals usually work about 3-6 months for me. So you got a real long day list (so you can look at my results)
    My scale isn’t working because my mom needs to buy the battery so I’m just going to tell if I look slimmer or not.
    「Current Weight: 165Ib/ 74kg」
    |Goal weight: 125/56kg|
    {Weight that I’m okay with: 134Ib/60kg}

    See you guys in the morning! Sorry for my long intro 😂

    🐻Day 1: Nothing happened obviously 🙄WAITTTT A MINUTE! I literally have a kinda flat stomach and rounder hips/waist from her other subliminal! My face kinda lost, a not really double chin. I-

  10. Moonchild

    Hi, i'm new to subliminal😅can i speed up the video??will it affect the result? Just curious lol

  11. Caramel Subs

    Lowkey got instantly hungry 😂

  12. my icon will haunt you forever

    i got so hungry while listening this 👀👀

  13. Sudad Math

    i will 100% be using this. THIS is all i ever wanted in a subliminal and i love you

  14. November 11

    Can u make a sing exactly like ariana grande subliminal?

  15. November 11


  16. baekji affirmations

    THE SONG 🙁

  17. once you jimin you cant jimout

    um can i have a request?
    please make a shift to ideal reality subliminal please make it SUPER POWERFUL i mean like super super and very like detail (my age my relatives my looks what langguage/s i speak what my job is etc.) because i need it my parents are violent but please make a clone like me(a better me) i dont want them to feel lonely but they(my parents) will change thank youuu i hope its not much
    PS. i wrote my ideal reality on a note book i think it'll help? please reply thank you again😘

  18. 美奈mina

    That thumbnail is goals

  19. ash.

    starting today!
    current weight: 70kg 🙁
    goal weight" 40kg

  20. Jungkookie 123

    As soon as I clicked on the video my stomach started burning 🙂

  21. SnowyAndrea

    I am skinny

    I have skinny feet

    I have skinny lower legs

    I have very skinny thighs

    I have skinny legs

    I have a big thigh gap

    I have a small waist

    I have a small and flat butt

    I have a very flat stomach

    I have a flat chest

    I have flat breasts

    I have skinny shoulders

    I have skinny arms

    I have skinny and small wrists

    I have small and skinny fingers

    I have no double chin

    I have very fast metabolism

    I don’t gain any weight when I eat

    All of my fat is gone

    I am just skinny

    I love being skinny

  22. joonie noodle soup™

    I heard the first chord and instantly almost freaked out kkjlsalkdksad-

  23. ANA DODI

    ✨alrighty ✨
    my dudes, I just found this subliminal so imma try to reach my goal for my weight loss 🙂

    Currentl weight
    120 lbs
    115 libs

    I just want to see if it actually worked out! But I’m believing on my subliminal no matter what 🙂 I’m posting my day 1 results tomorrow and hopefully I would see some changes sooner 😀
    Wish me luck ✨

    day 1-
    day 2
    day 3
    day 4
    day 5
    day 6
    day 7

  24. m o c h i i

    “Why isn’t there any results?”
    Posted 1 day ago.

  25. ‘ʟᴏᴠᴇʟʏ ʏᴏᴏɴɢɪ ‘

    Hopefully I’ll update everyday 🙂
    📌I’m gonna listen around 5-10 times a day

    Day 1: I’m 138
    Went down .7 ounces ♡
    (I’m starting a diet too)
    Day 2: 137.4 lbs ♡

  26. Ella U.

    idekk this sounds soo soothinhgg omgg

  27. dani wellington

    please make a subliminal using one of blythe baines's songs!

  28. L V

    the fact that i didn't even stan wanna one yet i still know this song or chorus word by word

  29. 최 한나

    Where- where is the "naega neoreul" :'( oh well Ciki can wait lmao

  30. lee so young

    YASSS wannaone energetic this song makes me wanna listen to it more

  31. — venomeclipse

    love your subliminals they work so well 💕

  32. Mellie/ARMY

    I love these "listen once" subs because I'm a student who needs to graduate this year so I just don't have time to listen to all the subs 50 times… Sub channels doing the god's job here 🙏

  33. Love Yourself


  34. Weird girl vibes

    Since no one updating I will ⚡💫⚡
    🌺Day 1: listened 2 times nothing yet duh😁 but I bet this sub will work

  35. Irene is a hot vampire

    0:50 secs in and I got goosebumps tf

  36. Ruby White

    1 like= I squat

    I need the motivation 🤩

  37. art -J

    okay so i'm here again and i decided to listen this because your subs working so good for me.
    i'll update day by day -i hope.

    wish me luck🤩

    day 1:

  38. secret possesion AEG ILAT

    Can i request please 💜💜💜

  39. mari

    do i have to use headphones for this?

  40. Ellie Wilde

    How many subs is it safe to watch at once? I'm trying at least two others right now too, but is that too much? Or can I do more yet?

  41. Moonlight_ Adi14

    Omg r u a mind reader you legit be coming out with every sub I’m thinking of using like wOahhh

  42. anisa

    does this also boost your metabolism

  43. namith Shetty

    Tell me first, are all your subliminals are unisex? And i want to know about the desired face? Is it unisex?

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