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  1. JesseBlogger

    Sweet man thanks. You are helping people! Lol also I'm not a bot.

  2. Omya BJJ

    hi 🙂 i have l5 s1 disc bulge… i was wondering about hamstring stretching, should i do it ? i have heard no and yes

  3. Ayman Khaled

    Excellent video bro ❤️thank u bro for constant information u upload mate😘🙏 wanna ask u :if I have atypical sciatica in gluteus and feet only with skip area(hamstring) because of l5 s1 posterolateral disk bulge 🤥I heard that sciatica below the knee always need surgery ! ? Is that true bro ? Can I recover naturally? Thanx in advance

  4. d b

    Good video remi! Im deffo a bit scared to be as active as i was before my back pain. Quick question. If I'm not warm and do bodyweight squat it causes some pain in my lower back. But if i warm up. I can train squats with no pain ? Is this something you went through.. warming up to mask the pain?? Once i have cooled down i would feel pain

  5. Gmaminda

    So true!! Even now ,10 months after the injury, i still feel worse if I have a day where I sit too long, stand too long. My back pain is so much more managed when I’m moderately active daily. A few moths ago I got a kidney infection and was laid up for a week. Boy did that set back my recovery quite a bit. It was like starting all over again because of the immobility.

  6. J. Deckard

    I've been dealing with recurring lower back issues for about 16 months now. Sometimes it feels like I take one step forward only to take 1 step backward and find myself in the same spot I started in more than a year ago as far as my rehabilitation is concerned—as if I am not making any progress at all—I feel I am stuck in a "Damned if I do, Damned if I don't" situation where my symptoms keep reoccurring regardless; it's a vicious cycle and I don't know what plan to stick with.

    The position that is most comforting to me is a cobra prone on elbows or a sphinx, I wish I could keep that position longer while working on my laptop but my neck soon starts giving me problems, so I have to sit which bothers my back and the standing desks were even worse (I get more pain when standing still). Since I have to do a lot of work at the computer I feel THAT is what is keeping me from healing, I will try as you said: changing positions all the time while trying to stay active. Do you have any more guidance? Thank you Remi.

  7. versatec1

    Great advice….I know this is true from experience. …also nutrition….God bless

  8. Lawrence Hartman

    Hey Remi! Been following you for a few months since I re-injured my back in April. Thank you for the constant material you upload. Very valuable for us back pain sufferers. Your videos have definitely helped me and I’m sure many others. This one really spoke to me because after hurting my back couldn’t do much physically and it can be very depressing. If anyone reads this and is in a similar situation, just don’t give up and keep on trying to get better. Have you ever checked out “Joe DeFrancos Limber 11” Flexibility video? Started doing it yesterday and I can feel a great deal of relief in my leg/back pain/tightness.

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