Preventing things that cause anxiety – Automated advice can prevent things that cause anxiety

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There are many different things that can cause anxiety. Then, it seems reasonable to find things that cause anxiety and stop them. However, there may be a causal relationship that ultimately leads to the disappearance of anxiety triggers. Can say this reason. There is trouble in preventing things that cause anxiety. We need to stop trying to cure anxiety by addressing external causes and trying to find solutions internally.

This is a debilitating scene. Let you feel the dog's humble and ridiculous person chasing his tail, and finally realized it at the same time. For myself, this is also a lot of things about jealousy. Although I am convinced that there are many other different comparisons, the overall consensus of patients with anxiety disorders is “to be troubled by fear”.

It is important to understand that for anyone with an anxiety disorder, fear is primarily a fear of causing problems. For those who do not have an anxiety disorder, this is the only way they understand what the disease does to people. Many people mistake the symptoms of this disease.

Let us change the way. The fundamental problem surrounding anxiety and panic is not that people think of causing fear but of fear itself. The core problem of all anxiety disorders is the fear of panic itself, the fear of an unpleasant feeling or thought that constitutes anxiety. This person is not afraid of flying, not even afraid of collapse, but is afraid of anxiety or panic on the plane.

So really didn't help explain how safe it is over and over again, and memorize the statistical probability that it's flying safer than driving. Therefore, people with anxiety disorders face problems not outside but in anxious people, which is where you can begin to cure the disease.

Breathing exercises are a way to try and relieve some of the anxious thoughts and feelings. This is a very popular suggestion to help stop or prevent anxiety disorders. This is also a very good one, but this does not apply to everyone. Meditation alone is another highly recommended method of combat. Both are very common.

Suggested here is a combination of breathing and meditation practice combined with automatic advice. If you create an opportunity to transfer an upcoming anxiety disorder before it happens, then you can guard against your expected anxiety.

Start taking a deep breath and breathing slowly every morning. Meditate while doing this and try to be as relaxed as possible. Once you feel that you have reached the maximum calm, say it out three times, "I can exhale anxiety" or "I can eliminate my fears." If you can do this for at least a month every morning and every night, your subconscious The ego will not only believe in it, but also realize it!

Therefore, when you are out, you can prevent those things that cause anxiety by repeating your slogan and breathing. The more it will be, the more you practice, the more you will benefit.

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