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  1. Seneca Montez de Oca

    My worry whenever I see this type of exercise is what is its affect on your internal organs?

  2. Jahsun M


  3. Ash

    Can we breathe in this hold to go past 20 seconds?

  4. Andy Gem

    But this is strengthening your whole core in general. The abs are just the muscle, doesn't mean you strong abs

  5. Vladan Stojaković

    is this muscle (transversus abdominus) activate in Standard plank exercise ? ? ?

  6. Mark Vargas

    transverse is more important people

  7. Mark Vargas

    isn't it the stomach vacuum wait but people saying sucking is bad for your breathing.

  8. Lofty Production

    Way too simplistic, 1 exercise is not going to cure your back pain. Infact, what I have found, more often than not, is that it isn't because your TVA is weak, but rather it has forgotten to how function and integrate with every day movements, so your lower back is taking the load, when it shouldn't be. That's also one of the causes for APT.

  9. Andy Gem

    Man if hurts when I do them can't breathe and I do a little flexing while doing them. Hurts a lot son of bitch lol

  10. Andy Gem

    How bout just do vacuums. Lol

  11. Jade Konnis

    Mate, not sure if you have encountered this, when I brace , I only can feel my right core/abs working but not my left. Do you have any exercises to activate my left core a bit more?
    Thanks in advmce

  12. Andy Gem

    How many days should we be doing it.

  13. Andy Gem

    So then I'm not fat, I was wondering how a lot of fitness or bodybuilders, have high body fat like 15 to 18 percent body fat, yet there lower stomach isn't sticking out like a belly pooch.

  14. Andy Gem

    Do the vaccum works good

  15. Marcos Irastorza

    I´ve got my belly out of my body, do i have a weak tranversal abd?

  16. Victorious in Lord Jesus

    Is it ok with hiatal hernia? Can it help it or on contrary can make it worse? I'm so afraid of excercise since being diagnosed. Thanks

  17. Vicky Hill

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  18. Lofty Production

    There is no way I'm doing this until i hear a testimonial from someone in the comments section.

  19. warchild

    *Transverse not transversus and thoracic is said as (thor-ra-sik) not (thor-ra-kick)

  20. JRS2623


  21. DarkBlueDude 87

    well I'm not even 30 yet and have back problems…

  22. Video Productions

    Good video. You state 4 sets of repetitions but how many per set? Apologies if I missed it.

  23. RiRiB

    Would you recommend this exercise for someone with diastasis recti?

  24. TheConversation

    Wow, that is tough! Do you hold your breath during the 20 seconds? Thanks

  25. vincent7487

    You talk so much but I forgive you because you're good to look at

  26. chavi schmell

    Is there a modification where I can do this in my chair at my desk?

  27. Don Quixote

    How bout a gym tour…? I see some interesting pieces back there…

  28. Howard Dempsey

    Thanks for the good demo, my PT sent me home to work on this.

  29. OutsideLane

    Is it normal to experience a pulling pain in the kinda lowest lower abs? or is this just me being weak af in that area? xD

  30. Robyn Frazier

    I am trying to strengthen my ta, when I suck my stomach in is it normal to feel your hamstrings tighten at the same time

  31. Synorix

    I suck in my stomach and run out of breath very quickly how do you hold it for 20 secounds? am i not activating it correctly?

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