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  1. Julia Harley

    I love ur I apologise Primark I’ve overlooked u 🤣 some lovely bits I’m tempted to have another look now at the make up in there x

  2. Miss j

    Where is this Primark ?

  3. Karen McLean

    When in #Primark I buy Primark. I HAVE looked at the other brands on offer BUT (whilst giving consumers a choice) I know the #PS £2.50 foundation & £3 eye palettes etc DO THE JOB, they are what I go into the shop for &, like you, I find these relatively unknown (with the exception of Flomar) other brands way to expensive in comparison to PS. If I find some of those others in the sales then I might be tempted to give them a go. I ❤ Primark – great vid, thanks x

  4. MrsFooCough

    Was planning to go to Primark today to grab leggings for work! Might get that soft camo palette…be rude not to, eh 😂

  5. Cat L

    Recommendation: I fyou like warm eyeshadows, I really like the I heart Revolution Mini chocolate orange pallette. Nice sized mirror and great shade selection so pretty versatile.

  6. Maya Land

    Primark eyebrow pencil 3 in 1 is amazing! And it’s only £1.5 I can’t believe it

  7. Linda life4

    Tiny tiny slippers too funny lol xx

  8. Jo Dee

    P. S. Those foundation sticks are great for under foundation contour. I got a darker colour and use it the way Tati showed on her channel for contour and its really effective 👍👍

  9. Jo Dee

    For a budget friendly balm to oil make up cleanser, The Ordinary have one. It's a Squalane cleansee, I get it from Beauty Bay, it costs €6 for 50 ml. I wear make up everyday so I use it every day and it's fantastic. Melts away all makeup, even waterproof mascara.

  10. Catherine S

    Wow your Primark beauty section seems to have a great selection and looks really neat . My Primark beauty section is a bit rubbish and often stuff is grubby and or used 😩 I've been trying to get hold of flormar or golden rose (which yes are European brands. Think flormar is Turkish though sold in European countries? ) but they aren't in mine.

  11. hannah alston

    Love love love fake it

  12. Victoria Powell

    Ironically I picked up the Soft Camo palette myself yesterday. I've been using the nude addiction palette for about four months now which I love (in particular the shades latte and cashmere) so thought I'd switch it up with some slightly deeper shades for autumn winter. I also picked up the Primark dupe for 'better than sex' mascara. Trying it tomorrow for the first time so got my fingers crossed as I love the Too Faced version, but prefer the Primark price! 😄 Although my current face is NYX Worth the Hype!

  13. Sara Li

    3ina I believe is a Korean brand that’s pretty good. Never tried it myself, just from what I’ve heard from friends

  14. Hope Wilshaw

    Yay that’s my section, I work on the makeup section in that primark. We do try to provide testers for most things but in a lot of cases people ruin the testers. The flomar range I think is Turkish, if I’m correct and the last range you looked at is more expensive because it’s vegan.

  15. Celestial Wolf

    Yeah I also agree about the prices! I definitely put things back when I think it's 'too expensive for Primark' 😂

  16. Red's Makeup Bag

    I completely agree, I definitely have a budget in mind for Primark! Their other-brand makeup is a bit too pricey for me.

  17. claire louise Gibson

    Yes I always have a limit for what ever shop I'm in xx

  18. Shona Flanagan

    You are correct about the flormar range, it's a European drug store brand. Their clubbing mascara (purple mettalic tube) is amazing! Great video as always xx

  19. Pamela Coltart Blest

    I’ve not tried any Primark makeup, I really should check them out! Will be interested to see how you get on with the products. I’ve not heard of any of the other brands apart from 3ina as it’s a favourite in beauty boxes.

  20. Natty B

    The soft camo palette is my fave. Living for green eyeshadow at the mo 😍

  21. Jodie653

    Tell Charl to try the revolution pro powder foundation. The shade F1 is much lighter than that shade in their other formulas. It's actually too light for me which is rare.

  22. Skye Mac

    Ahhh just about to head to the shops and first stop is now Primark 😆

  23. fjungis

    yep same about the prices…… and the primark skinny brow pen is definitly worth the £2…just had shade matching since theres ususally no testers

  24. Gemma Malcolm

    Asda do a balm cleanser. Normally ten pounds but on sale at the moment for a fiver, absolutely brilliant. It's their nspa range xx

  25. corinne fuller

    if you go back for a second run, i recomend the twist up micro pencil, its totally comaparable to much more expensive brands and its not red toned at all. x

  26. Claire Lucy

    The primark smokey eye brushes are fantastic. U get three eye brushes in a set for about £3. They are the only eye make up brushes I reach for now. They are quite hard to find. I agree that some of those prices are too high for primark and yes we want bargains in there.
    Have you tried the plump and glow serum to moisturiser and the accompanying sheet mask by Alex steinherr ? Those and the eye serum are my three most used and most purchased in her range for primark.

  27. Amy James

    I know reusable masks are better but just to make you aware, body shop masks are biodegradable!

  28. Zandra135

    I am very pale and I’d tell your friend to try fenty. I have never had a perfect match until I tried them…I mean I’m the lightest shade but it matches!

  29. Gracey Lace.

    I like the eyebrow pencil by primark. The one with pencil, powder and brush all in one pencil!

  30. Mini Mac

    The lash queen mascara and the Mascara in the gold tube, 3d lash effect are amazing. I have dry combo skin and these guys don't flake or smudge. You won't get immediate volume on the 1st coat with the 3d lash but 2 coats give great volume and length. They go out of stock a lot in my store x

  31. Olivia Mae

    Hey, I'd check out the flormar stand. Their illuminating primer make up base in the black and white pump is amazing, strong smell, but it doesnt linger…Terracotta powders are amazing, as are the one pot eyeshadow, their highlighter is stunning, blushes are pretty, Only mascara I like is in red tube, and although the mascara in the purple tube gave me fabulous volume,it stinks and made my eyes very sore, so big fail… lipsticks are horrific, foundations same, never tried their nail polish because it looks watery….. well that's what worked and didn't work for me…… I wish they did normal eyeshadow palettes but they only do like four in the one palette and colours never interested me. I know you don't like Carter beauty but her make up is great…. her foundation, highlighter, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, are what I've tried and I'm not disappointed. Great video by the way, thanks. 😘😘💝💝

  32. negativeorange

    How do you get over people staring as you vlog? It was mostly men staring as you were vlogging at the end, it was making me laugh 🤣

  33. Loola Hoop

    I really do want to try the flormar foundation so probably would pay that but other than that I'd look at things and be like no that's too expensive lol

  34. DaniCat Nelson

    I love my primary foundation stick. Very creamy, perhaps not the best for oily skin but love it on my dry skin ❤️❤️

  35. Traci-Ann Loves

    I've never looked at Primark beauty stuff. Can't believe the range! 😊 Definitely going to check it out! 👍🏻

  36. Emma Massart

    The Alex steinherr range isn’t great, I tried most of it, the one step night cleanse is made with mineral oil and just smelt like petrol, clogged my pores and I asked Alex on Instagram if that ingredient will change but she blocked me instead of answering 😂

  37. Tammy Young

    There is def a upper limit I would spend in primark 😂 £11.50 foundation no chance 🤷🏼‍♀️

  38. Ma Szilvi

    Hi, great video, Golden Rose as a brand I believe is polish, very cheap in Poland but is a really good quality. The liquid lipsticks from them and the highlighters are really nice. (Maybe a full face of golden rose is not a bad idea as ppl love it in here in Poland, maybe more ppl would try it in uk as well) the flormar brand, I know is available in Hungary but I am not living there for 10 years now so I don't really know about the quality of that brand. Might be German brand I have no clue but old brand cos I heard about them like long time ago. Thank you for the video and have an amazing Sunday 🙂 kiss for Milo 😘

  39. Rosie Li

    Super stuff. You do this sort of vlog so well.😊 Tiny tiny slippers… 🤣

  40. Rebecca Widnall

    Yes I totally agree when I'm in a certain place there is a certain price I will pay for things and primark is definitely a place I want a bargain from.

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