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  1. Paulina Allure

    Love this video ! Enjoyed watching it !

  2. Quisno Rodonovich

    Ok lets try my treatment which has worked very well, and on others also .MMS Colloidal silver.         FG Hydrogen Peroxide   tincture of yarrow,   tincture of wormwood ,and tincture of Black walnut husks. It has worked on every case of prostrate cancer in persomns who came to me andwho   were determined to have the need for operation to remove, radiation to kill cancer and even Chemo Theripy. My way works within 30 to 45 days.  and its cost effective.

  3. Prostate Cancer Free Foundation

    What prostate cancer treatments are most effective at eliminating localized cancer, and preventing it from coming back?  Visit our website at http://www.pctrf.org

    You have a choice on treatment selection.  For men and their loved ones facing a decision on the best treatment for localized prostate cancer, this video and our website will introduce you to the results of a new study comparing the effectiveness of the various treatments including robotic prostatectomy, brachytherapy, IMRT, proton radiation, HIFU, Cyberknife and others.  Our expert panel reviewed more than 28,000 articles published over a 14 year period from all available respected journals on prostate cancer treatment.  The panel selected over 1,100 articles to be included in the study results.  

    See how effective each prostate cancer treatment is at preventing recurrence of cancer in men, and curing their cancer. http://www.pctrf.org

    Due to the many requests for this information in languages other than English, we have added the capability to translate the Foundation YouTube Videos into 60 different languages using Closed Captions, (CC), Settings and the Google Translate tool.  With Google Translate: "Automatic translation is convenient and helps people get a quick gist of the page. However, it's not a perfect substitute for the art of professional translation.”  We apologize in advance for any translation issues.  Over time, we will be working with medical professionals in each geography to validate the accuracy of each translation.

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  4. Michael Holmes

    I had to make a decision as to how to treat my Prostrate Cancer about a year ago . Luckily for me I was afforded the opportunity to view the information matrix that is now contained on the PCTRF website. My course of action was to receive radiation and seed implants. Now, a year later I am on the road to recovery.ALL my plumbing is working very well and I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Great site with good information. It helped me and I am sure it will help you.

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