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The pubic osteitis is a very common disease we see in the office because we see a lot of herpes. The most common may be "football players" or Australian regular football, runners and football players. Repetitive stress and micro-trauma in the pubic symphysis [the pubic symphysis gathers in front of the body] is considered to be the main cause of pubic symphysis or "OP", but some OP injuries may result from a specific wound.

What causes pubic symphysis

Sports involving kicking, jumping, and running are activities that involve rapid changes in direction. These rapid movements and changes in direction produce excessive power on the pubic bone. Tension is applied to the area where the abdomen and groin muscles are attached, and due to this excessive pressure, tissue damage and inflammation are caused. Inflammation can lead to changes in the bone, such as tissue hardening or increased bone density, which can be seen on X-rays. The medical term is sclerosis. It is understandable how athletes with OP become unable to perform ongoing athletic activities. It is important to diagnose this condition at an early stage prior to disease progression and to cause damage and erosion of the pubic symphysis.

Australian regular football players repeatedly attack, kick, run, jump and fall. This repeated shock over-stimulates the pelvis. Pain usually occurs when performing a kick. Tensile adductor and hamstring muscles, as well as weak abdominal muscles, can also cause pubic inflammation.

What are the symptoms of pubic symphysis?

Most patients with pubic symphysis have pain in the pubic area, with the lower abdomen, groin area, inner thighs, buttocks, and sometimes testicular symptoms. The groin becomes tense and inflexible. Leg movements that resist resistance can become painful, especially adduction, or movement toward the centerline of the body.

Factors affecting pubic dermatitis

For some reason, the incidence of pubic symphysis has increased significantly over the past 10 years. Some reasons may be:

Overload pubic bone and muscle from:

  • Increase training and requirements for players
  • Exercise intensity or duration increases too fast
  • Increased the hardness of the playing field
  • Increase the size and strength of the athlete

Biomechanical causes:

  • Gait and gait mechanism for running is poor
  • Pelvic band, limited activity in the abdomen and leg muscles
  • Functional or anatomical leg length difference
  • Muscle – Bone imbalance [spine scoliosis or muscle imbalance]

Treatment of pubic dermatitis

Rest and ice:from

If the injury is serious or just happened, the first thing to do is rest and ice injury. If the athlete continues to train or play, this further exercise can aggravate the injury and may further damage the organization and extend recovery time.

Limit movement: from

Limit exercise volume and activity until inflammation and pain are alleviated or disappeared.

A bag of frozen peas or some crushed ice is two simple and effective ways to start icing. Any frozen or cold things will work. However, it is important to note that in order not to apply ice directly to the skin, this can cause the skin to "ice burn". Use a wet towel or cloth as a barrier between skin and ice. As a basic guide, ice is alternated every 15-20 minutes for a few hours each time. This is just a guide, and once you have a thorough examination and consultation with your doctor, they will be able to give you more specific guidance after your condition has been thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed. Using ice and resting injured areas in the initial stages is by no means a bad approach.

Chiropractic chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic therapy focuses on improving the mechanics and function of joints. This is usually achieved by low force, safe and effective spinal adjustment. In our practice, we use multi-thrust instrument adjustments and other specific instruments to supplement the soft tissue of the injured area. Depending on the severity and nature of the particular injury, response time may vary from person to person. The focus of initial care is to stabilize and strengthen any area of ​​the anatomical area and joint dysfunction.

Prevention of pubic symphysis

These are some simple steps to help minimize the potential impact of high-speed kicks and running.

  • Try to train on a flat playing field
  • Train on the grass as often as possible
  • Proper warm-up and cooling to prepare for physical activity and recovery
  • Appropriate rest and recovery after extensive training and competitive courses
  • Strength training and stretching exercises to maintain the athletic resilience of exercise
  • Footwear for support and spine biomechanics

This article is intended as a guide and overview of pubic symphysis and is not intended to replace a comprehensive review or medical advice from a qualified health care professional. For specific advice on your personal health needs, please consult your chiropractor or other provider.

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