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  1. Russell Austin

    Starting mine very soon – Frightened of side effects !

  2. tony27ortiz

    Thank you, this information is very helpful. I'm scare to death but I appreciate the video ( gleason score 8 psa 6.7 ).

  3. Brian Rogers

    This is crap. RP is the only one that offers a cure.

  4. robert taliaferro

    I’m glad i watch this video will be going to Stanford for treatment { psa 5.6 gleason score 6}

  5. Mike Goostree

    Very informative. Answers many questions. Thanks, Professor , for taking time to post.

  6. Mike Goostree

    Very good.

  7. Richard Schwachter

    While investigating treatment alternatives, I found this video a very complete discussion of current radiation approaches.  It includes a lot of information without bias or the usual institutional commercial.  Very helpful.

  8. John Doe

    I highly recommend this video if you, like me, are investigating different treatments for your prostate cancer.  Dr. Buyounouski begins by nicely summarizing the different stages and risk levels of prostate cancer.  He then covers the main types of radiation therapy available at Stanford using helpful visuals.  Along the way, he discusses the possible side effects of treatment and the risk of cancer progressing after treatment.  He advocates shared decision making by patients and physicians, and this video furthers that goal.

    I think the video is worthwhile, even if you’re early in active surveillance and wondering what might be down the road. It could also be helpful to significant others in supporting their partners in their treatment deliberations.

    If Dr. Buyounouski has time to update the video in the future, he might add more on the trend towards active surveillance and the considerations in deciding when to go on to radiation treatment. I’m also wondering whether it would be helpful to viewers if the video had an opening table of contents with video times so viewers could jump to or revisit sections depending on their interests.

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