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  1. Violet

    Yess do a part2! I absolutely loved all your meal ideas and it would help me stay on track for my New Years resolution

  2. Jodi Z

    For someone that hates to cook, you have a beautiful stove!!!😉😉

  3. Lisa Wheeler

    My favourite salads have pomegranate or mango in them for something different.
    Same dressing as your with chilli powder on mango salad is the bomb

  4. jhmiranda81

    Very interesting ideas! How in the world were you able to cut sweet potatoes so thin and pretty!?!?!? I find it sooo hard to cut them.

  5. Ayliah

    Please do more videos like this , I really like the meal prep ideas

  6. Claire Francis

    Hey! Does anyone know how long those avocado toast would last?

  7. Always Lorna Marie

    First of all. Love the thumbnail its so colorful. Love how your doing lazy girl. As a mom of four this speaks to my heart!!! Great video beautiful one 😘

  8. Jessica S

    Myka, you are seriously such a sweetheart – it even comes across in recipe videos!! God Bless you and your family ❤️

  9. Ben Allen

    Are you guys still vlogging ? Loved your video!

  10. Kendra m

    why does her voice sound exactly like Kim kardashion

  11. Kristin Sal

    Hey girl I use my citrus squeezer with the fruit facing down! (opposite of the curve of the device)
    I think I get more juice that way.

  12. McDreamette

    What the heck is a broccoli sprout?! Green onion? Shallots? Spring onion?

  13. Brooke Bales

    Loved this one! All stuff I eat as I'm mainly plant based…also It's been on my list to get the blue spirulina (kinda pricey!) because my boys obviously love blue hehe.

  14. lelana20066

    I love yellow Apples!!!

  15. Boglarka Kantor

    Hi Mayka! How long can you keep these pre-made meals? For example the salad: does it remain fresh and crunchy after sitting for some days in the fridge? The same about the sweet potato. So can you (or can I 😁) mealprep on Sundays for the following week? I would love all of them.

  16. PH T

    U can top with Half a tea spoon GHEE( clarified butter ) on date !! Healthy , filling , yummy . Specially in winter . Boosts immunity

  17. Kathleen McDonald

    Please continue with meal prep videos!
    Love ❤️ them!
    Say hello 👋 to the kiddos! 😊

  18. Syd Vicious

    It's funny how different everybody palettes are! I LOVE sprouts and HATE pine nuts. 😛

  19. BayRaeDay

    Do your apples and avocado turn brown if you cut them ahead?

  20. Laurie’s Life

    Love me some yellow apples💁‍♀️

  21. Francelle Flett

    Plant based ranch: check out the recipe section of Sarah's Day channel on YT. She has tons of delicious recipes

  22. Christina Thorsen


  23. Laura Terpstra

    Yess yellow apples are the best!!

  24. Julie Calene

    Where was the Apple poll? It never showed up. I love yellow apples. Thanks for sharing your meal prep. While I enjoy your videos, it just reinforces that I could never go vegan. The sweet potato with guacamole about made me gag to watch it.

  25. Alyssa Nikole

    Thank you for sharing a plant based meal prep!! I love this. Those vio life Cheese is literally better than regular cheese I love it so much!!

  26. Cherie Manrique

    My taste palate is def not in line with Mykas

  27. cielo123123 P

    All you need is
    An avocado the size is up to you depending on how much dressing you want to make. Next cilandro, lime or lemon is optional and lastly, water amount is up to you.
    Just mix everything in the blender with little bit of salt and the how you make an avocado dressing.

  28. Jillian dent

    Yellow apples – only way to go

  29. Notconsumed88

    I love chia seed pudding!! And now I want to make some haha.

  30. Angela

    The ONLY apples I love are yellow. They are PERFRCT. Not sour and perfect with peanut butter.

  31. Olivia's Romantic Home

    I so needed this! Your healthy ideas are goals for me!! Xo 🥰❤️

  32. Courtney Xoxo

    I absolutely LOVE your videos. ❤️


    I like this thank you for sharing with us

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