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  1. Beat Hard

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  2. Skinny Legend

    Where can I translate true beauty ?

  3. Nightcore.Bunny Kpop

    I'm a little confused about suho but I love this (true beauty)
    I will continue this comment but I'm going to bts concert in LA rn so I ish busy 🤗😄💞

  4. Hermione Anderson


  5. Stephen Trillanes

    Mah here! X>


    Yours so great I hope you keep UP the Good work

  7. Syazra Zura

    So fast this episod come out..by the way its was nice.
    Can wait to find out who was the person that know her without make up beside suhoo

  8. djaz

    Woah….i think its that girl i don't remember her name, suji i guess?

  9. moni sauda

    am i the first person???

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