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  1. Weevil Entertainment

    What do u say about self cracking neck or your own back not pretending to be a chiropractor.great videos by the way.

  2. Firebird 7479

    How much do you think being a ballroom dancer has negatively impacted his health? It seems to me that the repeated body movements, some which stretch the limits of the spine and joints, can really tax the body and create plenty of imbalances.

  3. easykill_45

    How much for 1 visit, i know its multiple visits cause muscle memory is gonna mess it up again but im just curious how much chiropractors charge

  4. Gabriel Mark115

    You give me a lot hope Dr. Thayer. Two weeks and counting for me. See you soon God willing.😉

  5. pine apple

    i need to visit you, i have a very similar problem

  6. Beng Chun

    Crack at 6:45 & 7:35
    Thanks me later crack addict

  7. Tag 2482

    Hey, i live in So-Cal and ive been looking for a chiropractor for my back. Im 18 and its hurt my whole life, i dont know why, i might have to stop by, but i do have a question, Im very sensitive to touch and ticklish even if i try to relax, is it still possible to get adjusted?
    (Idk if the info helps with some sort of diagnosis, but ive played soccer and baseball my whole life, and played football/lifted weights throughout all of high school)


    I love you! You’re living proof that Chiropractors aren’t a sham or scam where many of them are. Keep up the good work and show it through your work. Thank you for all or the help.

  9. John Glock

    I got a question, I have been watching these videos about barber shops in Turkey cracking peoples neck,is it safe to go the barber shop and get your neck adjusted or is it safer to go to a real chiropractor?

  10. U.S. Constitution

    Don't get Big Headed just THANK Jesus Christ for great healing skills. Don't forget to give Jesus Christ the Glory. GOD Bless America and TRUMP 2020

  11. Johan Sebastian

    Bro notice me when you come to Puerto Rico my body is heavily affected by a life of bad posture

  12. Dheeraj Naik

    6:45 and 7:33 . I mean business

  13. Dennis Cheng

    The Marvel Comic Universe should consider adding you to their lineup. You’re saving so many lives! That was cool.

  14. Jesse Popovich

    i heard that 2nd crack and i was almost certain i just witnessed a murder.

  15. David Browning

    Yes! Make, female, fat, thin, fit, unfit—what matters is balance! I hope there’s a follow up with this guy, both to see longer-term results and to see that smile again.

  16. Ahndre Rice

    Alright that's it… I must make a trip from Florida to Cali…

  17. willmatic

    This it excellent. Interesting to see someone in such peak shape responding to your technique. Let the tension off and he popped back into shape

  18. G W

    12:05 how-to keep results. Ace if possible do a video about it! Thanks
    Finally a skilled person who can take advantage and tell what's going on.. good patient

  19. G W

    11:50 some justice at last

  20. G W

    3:45 ! Balance comes from neurology

  21. THATguyFATAL

    He said Angle, Dangerous

    No pain no gain buddy


  22. Philip Cheng

    Bring back the Beach Boys!!

  23. Mhamad Ar

    الله يكرمنا بطبيب شاطر مثل هذا الطبيب أو معالج مثله في سوريا ارجو ممن يعرف مثله في سوريا ينشر عنوانه على الصفحة أو الفيس مع الشكر والتقدير لكم اخوكم بنفس الحالة

  24. Magical Magical


  25. Albert Szylar

    Doc, we are waiting for Your book: "Thayers miracle chiropractic". I want to have one on my bookshelf. KeepYour great work.

  26. Ze Wu

    Best specialist haha

  27. jdigg1982

    Your adjustments sound like you're playing pool!

  28. Malissa

    Wait until I come in my xrays gunna shock you. Lol Hey Doc do you adjust necks when people have bulging disc?

  29. Malissa

    Take 4! 😂👍

  30. Mr. bonus

    He sounds like the crazyrussianhacker on YouTube.

  31. mod pong


  32. Costa Mesa

    I can watch the video tomorrow with sound. My room mate is already sleeping. But I think it's the same as always …. Great! So I say as always … Great video as always! Greetings assistant and sock account CM

  33. anne rizzuto

    Great job Ace;you can tell by the x-rays his neck was pretty bad but after the adjustment you can see the difference.He looks so much happier and pain free.You really have the gift of healing.

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