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  1. Lioness006

    How is he gonna diss Sarah when she was the true, natural witch in The Craft? Damn there being two witches named Sarah.

    Also, can someone let me know who Fiona references?

  2. Kiersten S

    So I cracked open my palette today. Love everything I've tried so far however mine smells weird… like gasoline and midlew combined. Does anyone elses smell funny or am I just imagining it? I've never tried his palettes before so I'm not sure what they usually smell like.

  3. Arya1999

    Can I just comment on the "made in the USA" thing? Only 10 percent of a product has to be made in the USA for a "made in the USA" label. AND if you import something into the US and then export it again, it's "made in the USA". I used to work for a large multinational. Trade rules and regulations for the US are insane.

    Ps. Swallows, not sparrows!

  4. Claudia Dessi

    I wish colors were more vibrant and dark/spooky :/ packaging is stunning though but I won’t use it enough to justify this purchase

  5. Aloha Nikki

    So… is Fiona two toned? Like a tealish purple?

  6. Stephannie Metz


  7. NeeNee Marie

    I was thinking the same thing that it needed a green shimmer!

  8. Marisa Pereyra

    Concept and packaging is perfect! But, I was let down by the color scheme. I was hoping for grungy/smokey oranges, purples, reds, greens and a black.

  9. Saperlipopetteee

    Music on point!

  10. Rachel Tolve

    Oh, you updated your intro! ❤️

  11. Nicole McElroy

    love you jen you are so cute lol

  12. Roeshell Rogers

    Ok I need this palette. You sold me 🤤

  13. Roeshell Rogers

    Your look came out gorgeous 🤗🔥🔥

  14. Maggie Vinka

    Love your reviews Jen! Love the natural hair! You’re just the best and you keep getting better and better! 🥰

  15. Dizzyowl 76

    Loved this video Jen 💜. Informative as usual but the editing…amazing. That eye look…wowza🌙✨

  16. Rebby B

    Kind of a funny title. Why wouldn’t it be good? Because it’s Manny’s? People like or don’t like his color stories but I haven’t heard anything bad about the quality of the makeup.

  17. Willow Moon Wolf

    I really love this palette ! I just wished he had more Fall/Vampy colors in it. This looks more like Springtime.

  18. SaucerJess


  19. Margaret Moore

    I think I need this just because of the packing.

  20. Lauren R

    I thought i liked that palette (even though I'm not a manny fan) but the swatches didn't impress me much. And blended together they looked a little muddy, in my opinion. Looks better in the packaging.

  21. Carla Carson

    Thanks for the review Jen

  22. Glitzy Fritzy

    OMG Jen look at your eyes…look at you stepping out there I LOVE IT! Loving your makeup so much today! Oh stop you are too cute! Thanks…sometimes I'm on the TV so I don't get to say Hi! Looking forward to the chat tomorrow xoxo Mary

  23. Polly Pocket

    Jen, this look is STUNNING. I’ve not ever seen a rainbow look with these colors… I cannot wait to try it… with my own existing palettes. Ty!

  24. Christy Adams

    packaging is great, colors are pretty and different which is great but this just doesn't seem like a Halloween palette to me. I think of more dark colors with Halloween.Your eye look you created looked really good, it's so nice to see you using multiple colors in one look, I think i'll wait and see if the beauty news girls review this before deciding to get it or not

  25. Sincerely, Kristen


  26. Shawna Johnson

    Anyone know if these palettes ever go on sale? I love this palette, but $50 seems a bit steep…

  27. Krystal Everett

    Love the new swatch segment

  28. Donna Hildebrand

    I clicked on this video to watch Jen review a palette I knew I’d never buy. Stayed for the bops. 👍🏻

  29. Marlene Blackwell

    Great review. Thanks!

  30. Mackenzie Cobb

    I don’t even purchase from Manny’s brand and I have to give it to him with this entire design and concept. Everything from the theme being really unique from the current trends, to the attention to detail with the artwork and to the shade selection really matching the theme is all very impressive. Plus Halloween is my favorite holiday by a landslide so I appreciate any company that acknowledges it lol

    I’m still really sick of brands including shades that aren’t safe for eye use, though. Like, it’s purposely misleading by putting it in an eyeshadow palette and I’m sure there’s thousands of consumers who don’t think to read the fine print and have absolutely no idea that something in an *eye*shadow palette is not FDA approved for use around the *eyes*. Like pigments are a little more understandable, but glitters, like the ones that colourpop has been including, with actual dangerous particles that could damage your eye is just unacceptable.

  31. This Is Black Beauty

    I might have to get this one. It’s so pretty. Love the color choices

  32. Connys P

    Loved your magic 🤣

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