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  1. Rockford John

    Best movie ever!!!!!

  2. Starboss05

    wow awesome

  3. ryvr madduck

    YouTube caught this one, it will not play.

  4. John Lenich

    Main Takeaways:
    1) Life sucks for both genders
    2) Men never really wanted to argue about equality, they only spoke up once they were being told they were the problem
    3) Cassie does great work (& is gorgeous)

    The powerful use race/gender/class to keep us divided & themselves empowered
    Cassie, make your next documentary about the historical corruption in government/banking, or just on what Q has presented


  5. mgtow Legion

    When we see the divorce outcomes more equitable,when we see the domestic violence laws and outcomes more equitable,when we see protests by women in front of court houses for not prosicuting women who file false rape charges against men,we the mgtow community will continue not to participate. No cohabitation,no marriage.! I strong recommend women everywhere if this is the stacked deck future that want ,if so we as a society is doomed to collapse!

  6. Kieth_Singleton2011 Singleton

    My grandma once told me that she was a feminist in the old days and they fought for equality but she considers the feminist now fighting only for special treatment and it sickens her. This is a good documentary😁

  7. Going Coastal

    Believe evidence, not accusers.

  8. Karl

    I will never settle down with a fefail they are too presumptuous an they will never be equal to us gtfoh an just play ur fuxking role everything is designed around these lazy ass creatures they are weak pathetic an nasty they are hypergamus by nature an will never love a man naturally.using a man’s child again him that tells me a lot about the FEFAIL an this system.men stay away from these creatures.do not shack up with them do not marry them do not get them pregnant buy pussy if u want to release at the end of the day they are the ones selling it smh

  9. Dog Shampoo Network

    FEEmanazis exist! MGTOW!

  10. Reharl

    I can't believe they allowed this in YT movies. Maybe there is hope after all.

  11. Ki Ki Brown

    That group of feminists led by Mrs. Pennywise are a bunch of nuts clearly in need of antipsychotics.

  12. Big Droz

    This video is just a yodel into another echo chamber of the victim culture. The world is not out to get anyone. It is out to get everyone. Grow some balls, you fucking pussies and handle your business. Crying about an unfair world is exactly what the people you claim to hate so much do.

  13. Solaom

    The screeching gurgle of the brief Circumcision clip… Jesus… And the prepuce contains the most nerves as well. Wouldn't that result in brain damages? Does mass amounts of pain damage the brain when one is young?

  14. Kenny Kendoll

    This whole thing needs to be simplified. This is specifically about divide and conquer. Breaking up the family, discrediting masculinity. while quoting deep state cabal sources. Wake the fuk up sheeple. this poster is a criminal shill working to create dissention between the sexes for dark evil satanic purposes. The history of this agenda is rampant throughout the media including the old radio shows depicting men as fools. Flintstones jetsons jeffersons et al. Always showing men as fools to be dismissed. Fuk that. A woman slaps me I deck the bitch. stupid liberal fuks.

  15. Dagann

    I've never visited this "men rights" site depicted on this video, but I am a graduate of the school of hard knocks. Aside from the "Me Too" movement and other feminists organizations seeking power to the women, many men learned the hard way of finding a good match in life. And, actually, I believe it's a case of ill preparation as a result of lacking school instruction and education. Therefore, many young men enter marriage based on confusing motives and expectations. And, that is a sad fact many have endured.

    But, life has a way to educate you as time passes away. For instance, I have a 28-year-old son who is following the same path as me in choosing his first mate. And, despite ma past experience, I only offer the advice to marry your best friend that will love you love and treat you as one would in a healthy relationship. In other words, a woman with no baggage. And, I know he suffers as a result of his girlfriend's hostility and violent demeanor. I also know, these traits are shared with his mother and that worries me.

    But, we also live in a world of a "transient society." The result of "no-fault divorces" where many people marry two to four times in their lives. Permanence is never learned and many children are placed in a situation where stepfamily members come and go and too often. Thus, a total breakdown of the American family and the values involved. And, contrary to popular belief, it is apparent that people marry at their peril. They tend to allow baggage from their partner initially and unaware of the possible ramifications later. As an attorney once told me, "you can marry Satan himself, but legally it means nothing in the long run if you are the male."

    And, unfortunately, mental disorders are shared in both genders and although this topic is "men rights," to assume it's only women that disrupt the family environment, is ridiculous. I know that for a fact because many times I met good women who are treated horribly by their spouse. Yet, it is apparent in most divorce cases where one married the other who was not their best friend and lover that would treat them with the Golden Rule. In fact, quite the opposite is practiced that creates hostility and resentment seen in the world. However, another aspect must be understood that is the cause of harm on males thus is the main ingredient of the men's rights movement.

    As we "evolved" to this particular moment in time, we are bombarded with confusing realities. On one hand, the feminists demand to be treated as a man in pay and status and approach the situation with anti-male rhetoric and hostility. Yet, the legal system, on the other hand, enforces the past notions that they must be in control of all financial division and her rights as a mother. And, those rights are engineered to deny men's rights. For example, the female decides the final outcome of abortion regardless of the father's rights as a parent. And or the "nanny state's" involvement od enticing women to accept welfare after divorcing and state-sponsored health insurance, housing, and other taxpayer programs that ultimately destroy the family's structure.

    They can determine the children's spiritual teachings and medical treatments and decide matters of their education. Personally, I know a few of my friends then entered divorce proceedings expecting to divide the marital assets fifty-fifty percent, but little Johnny has been diagnosed with a "learning disability" thus requires a much higher percentage. As to any proof of these disabilities are present or not, many times Johnny is not receiving the "grades" of his mother's wishes. And, today, we have females in combat roles, police roles, and other physically demanding roles such as fire-fighting forces. Women are now CEO's or business owners and leaders and they have positions within the academic world as well.

    In the final analysis, men are attacked and punished too much by a system that rewards women regardless of the merit and circumstances involved. He is faced with future failures as directed by his female counterparts and the confusion builds to extreme levels every day. And, this is only one of the many assaults by other notable groups and organizations within his sphere of influence. Yet, males are taught at an early age to "buckle-up" and pull up your bootstraps and carry on and do so quietly. Therefore, it's kinda bizarre that the male gender is now considered a menace and threat. In so much, many critics refer to them as such and this men's rights site is evil by its nature.

  16. Adam Y.

    'Islam was right about women.'

  17. Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 2020

    So what

  18. Max Minichiello


  19. John Mark

    More like weak men.

  20. Max Minichiello

    38:28 holy shit IRONED SHIRTS?? Didn’t realize my grandad had it so great, a woman to iron his shirts FOR HIM! Imagine that kind of privilege

  21. Nelson M

    The fact is that men are no longer respected. We have been relegated to the buffoon, Homer Simpson, sitcom fathers and men. While I understand that 60 years ago some women did not want to be homemakers, however in this century, women have MANY more rights. Now, the pendulum has swung to the extreme. I was raised by a single mother, I can tell you for certain that a woman can not raise a man. While that comment will cause an uproar in comments, remember that you have not lived my life and therefore have no place to persecute. This is why this movement has gained speed and will continue to.

  22. Paper Sack

    Is this Canadian?

  23. Bob C

    almost half way through, the feminists have no facts on their claims. It's all opinion.

  24. Ed

    I’m astounded at the amount of manginas protesting against MRA’s
    I hope they find their testicles one day.

  25. chocomaster tulip

    While watching this movie, it made me feel that MRA are logical and calm in sharing their views to the other side. Meanwhile the feminists side starts with a whimsical tirade that all men are misogynist and nazi.

  26. e val79

    No way!!!

  27. I, Vercingetorix

    Glad to see this on here. Hopefully now that it's free more people will see it. I paid the first time.

  28. Alyssa Ramey

    I just want to say that some of us women do recognize the issues here. We realize men are told to suck it up and don’t cry while girls can emotionally let loose. We realize men are more likely to commit suicide. We realize good dads are denied rights. We realize men who may want a baby have women abort them. We get it. The thing is women were treated badly for a long time and unfortunately some of them have become the thing that hurt them. Don’t allow some confused, ill advised woman to make you bitter. At some point we have to forgive each other and love each other and be compassionate with each other or the cycle will continue.

  29. Nathan Bracken

    "Big Red" is so easily agitated. Imagine being in a relationship with her.

  30. The SoulFrog

    Weird how so many of these feminist women/men in academia are of a certain tribe. Gee. How odd.

  31. CactusHeart79

    Haven’t you figured it out yet? 🤨
    “Feminist” is simply short for…

    FEMIN(ine supremac)IST.

    They slipped right on through the gates with the TROJAN HORSE they called “EQUALITY”.

    These scheming bitches are not about equality, and they never were, at least not in regards to what defines MODERN feminism anyway. You cannot benefit from preferential treatment if there’s equality, special treatment is what they actually want. There is your litmus test.

    P.S. I am female 👩🏻

  32. James Delk

    So true trump is doing literal tank and gun aryan movement against femism


    Being a white man isnt a privilege anymore, its a curse, black women got it made.

  34. Louis Reed

    Great documentary fair minded and was surprised when it wasn’t a hit piece she allowed each side to make their own bed and lay in it. In the end she saw things differently most of it I think based in does this help come to a resolution. She found out what many of us already knew MRA, The Red Pill and MGTOW aren’t the same people. If feminists came to protest MGTOW’s on steps they would be protesting empty steps, MGTOW’s aren’t believers in the “system” instead they choose to remove themselves from it and avoid areas in society where women can control them like marriage, children and the workplace. The host realized most of the feminists agenda was to gain laws that favor them and funding academia or organizations with taxes. She found that bias in the law is about who foots the bill men or government. The government prefers men

  35. K J

    This makes me want to go beat a woman. And yes. I'm a woman.

  36. Rathelm MC

    I’m sure Cassie tried to get the most reasonable feminists and they still sounded crazy.

  37. John S

    Don't give jobs to feminists. Don't promote feminists. Don't speak up on their behalf. Don't get married without a pre nup. Move to a country which doesn't support the feminist agenda like East Europe, Vietnam or Thailand.

  38. dynodish

    Haa Haa, I love comedy.

  39. Helen Anderson

    Nice job on presenting both sides. It is hard to fit everything under a label, and I don't know why we need them (establishing tribe). It would be nice if people presented there view calmly and had the ability to listen to the opposing view (debate). The world is big enough for all views (accepted or not). The hate for not being in the tribe is primitive (Multi-Level Marketing). Circumcision is very important because young boys do not have a choice as well as female mutilation. Breathing awareness of thought without anger could create a better world. I appreciated your typecast story. I would like to see women presented with muscles and strength and sign for the draft to include civil service work. Humans first treating each other better and being responsible for taking care of ourselves physically and mentally.

  40. Rose Bencosme

    You know someone is unintelligent when they confuse suffrage with suffering 9:42

  41. Tom Zeman

    911 calls have been weaponized by millions of woman to destroy their unsuspecting husbands I know I was brutalized by 4 police officers who did more damage in 5 minutes than 24 years of treeplanting!

  42. John Webb

    Great work Cassie! Now for an Ah-Ha! moment! YouTube Vid: Alex Jones Interviews Aaron Russo (Full Length) minute 29:17 – "What do you think Women's Lib was all about?" Rockefeller Speaks!
    Must Watch!

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