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  1. 사랑김

    Well I don't think joy is that tall only her members are so short , I though twice were so short and tzuyu stand out more but by looking at this I think tzuyu should be more thankful

  2. lex

    Joy lives a very healthy lifestyle for sure!

  3. Hyoyeon TheDancingQueen

    joy's body in lower is the first that disignating fats so it even looks she is so big. her hips and thighs is starting to look big but she still looks great because she gorgeous

  4. Hyoyeon TheDancingQueen

    Its funny because people are saying that SM's first ever failure group to do so and Weak Visuals but funnily being stan by their co-kpop idols because R V's visual are head turners . Look at them haters they are shining w/o trying

  5. Emi rios

    I'm kinda sad how wendy got hate from fans while joy was praised.
    They said joy looked cute (that's true) and wendy looked ugly, wtf she was and still super cute, koreans sometimes are so stupid

  6. Yoongles

    She isn't what you'd call "fat" or "chubby" She's healthy. Also I'm so proud and happy that she doesn't weigh herself and try to stay in the 40-50 kg range by extreme dieting, and instead she doesn't focus on her weight and maintains a nice body in a healthy way. Also it's very sad that Wendy didn't get support, she looked so cute too but I'm glad she's in a happier place now <3

  7. yujin can step on me



    I AM ALSO!!



    joy can eat more than the other members cause she is taller T-T

  9. nessie

    she isn’t fat her legs are thick that’s all. then when she wore the thick tops it made her look a bit chubbier when it was just her legs. her waist was small. it’s just because of her body structure. i’m glad she got better from it but there was no need to

  10. Ultimate Cute savage

    SUNNY 😢ALSO ANGRY… AND SAD .. HER JUNIORS can't eat 🍦🍦🍨🍨

  11. Cassiopeia Jane

    SM expects red velvet to have similar appearance when their stylist does not even give the members similar outfits 😂

  12. SwagieMan Yoongz

    But she's still amazing, no mattet she's fat or no, her body is still sexy, her curve are sexyyy

  13. candy girl

    uhhh i hate the standars 😡

  14. Pamela Irene

    "Only made them rebound and gain more weight" Wow who would have thunk it? Crash dieting doens't work? A consistent, balanced, healthy lifestyle of good and sometimes bad food along with excersise and movement (which they get all the time being dancers) is the best way to go?! HUH?!?!

  15. ahhh heck

    It’s shocking to me how 5’6 is so y’all compared to the other members and other idols. As a girl who is 5’9 with a sister who is 6’1, I really forget how short girl groups tend to be

  16. Corrina Claire

    Before and after I still love Joy..

  17. a new future

    joy and seohyun have been my inspiration to eat healthy/have a healthy lifestyle. before i would starve myself, and then binge eat… since I've started eating what my body wants but still healthy, and with exercise, i feel so much better and i don't hate myself anymore.

  18. Mica Quinalayo

    Joy is slowly becoming my role model in doing a healthy lifestyle

  19. Cordelia Gallegos

    That’s my bias 💜💜💜💜

  20. Chocolate Love-

    That's why I can never fully join reveluv or stan RV. They let one member fall while the other rose, and didn't say a thing.

  21. Jaja Manalo

    She’s just 5’6 but she really looks tall now. The how about me who’s already 5’8 😩

  22. Poppy Popper

    I'm glad to see Joy had such a strong mindset and is trying to maintain her health more than her appearance. I wish Wendy would receive this kind of support, she also seems to be more fragile and therefore she needs it more.

  23. Y Olivia

    aishhhh, bbyu moment 🙁

  24. Sara Grace

    Idk what they did for the red flavor comeback but they all looked nearly dead they were all so skinny

  25. Afrah Kapadia

    Irene is 5'2 seulgi is 5'4 and irene is the main rapper

  26. Healthy and Happy!

    Excellent! Keep up the great work!

  27. Briya Ahh

    6:56 where is this so called “fat”?!

  28. Rahel Koni

    joy is gained so much fans since peek a boo, i mean geez she's super gorgeous in rainbow dress

  29. Wendy redvelvet

    ): ): Dieting is really difficult especially if you're a food lover. But who doesn't love food though… eating is heaven!♥

  30. xXYana_Del_RayexX

    This really shows that the kpop industry doesn't give a fuck about idols, how do they expect five DIFFERENT girls to be the SAME weight when they ALL have DIFFERENT BODY RATIOS. They should let idols be a weight according to their height. You would/should never tell a girl who is 5'6 to weigh less than 110 pounds, that would only work if the idol is 5'0 or 4'9. No wonder so many idols are anorexic/bulimic.

  31. Aly Pallares

    Honestly joy’s weight loss isn’t that big. She was like 17 when she debuted so she still had some baby fat

  32. Jenny Weiss

    It’s disgusting that companies force idols to diet

  33. Camille Payne

    "a towering 5'6" asfghjkhl red velvet are so short jesus christ

  34. Hi! How are ya


  35. nadine wang

    Tall girl struggles…

  36. Bad L

    Joy probably gets to eat more than the other members as she's taller, meaning her maintenance calories will naturally be higher. Maybe that's why the other members are surprised at how she can eat that much, if they did they'd probably have to do more exercise to maintain their weights. It's one of the reasons why being tall is awesome.

    As a side note, I'm glad it doesn't look like SM are monitoring her, if she ate the same as the shorter members she would probably end up hungrier and more unhealthy. Ofc it sucks that some of the others get monitored as well, they should be allowed to eat what they want without feeling guilty or ashamed.

  37. kagnomi

    I remember in the beginning, Joy was called chubby and piggy cause of her baby fat. But honestly, I think people learned from Suzy and IU that it was cause she was still a growing teen. She was always a visual and once she naturally shed the weight, she became another big visual for Red Velvet (though I stanned her since Happiness).

    I think for Wendy, she had this huge insecurity and crash dieted that people found her unlikable. It didn't help that the stylist really seemed to have it out for her. Joy was always smiling and was the youngest before Yeri that i think people felt protective but they think Wendy is a grown woman who should know better.

  38. Caßey Chu

    To me Joy and Wendy have always looked so good.

  39. Angelina Huy

    She is a Honeslty a role model

  40. Samara Hameed

    joy isn't the main rapper of red velvet, right ?

  41. Walking with the cheese that's that queso

    Sunny was going to fight everyone for Red Velvet. Love a supporting sister

  42. Misses Vee

    pls do on bts Jimin

  43. hyuna

    red velvet doesn't even deserve hate, so do other groups, they work so hard for k-netizens and fans but they just attack them???

  44. hyuna

    WE LOVE A TALL VISUAL 👺👺 💖💓💞💓💕💝💞💓💕💖💞💝💕💞💝💕💗💞💓💕💞💓💕💖💞💓💕💓💞💕💝💞💝💕💓💞💖💞💝💞💝💕

  45. Naega Carat

    She's so insipirational I love her!~

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