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  1. Brandon G

    Great video, nice to see you back in 1080p

  2. Nicolas Dessiex

    Thanks a lot for Your Reiki Touch

  3. zyxwfish

    I like the one time you do that double thumb thing. You should put that in more vids.

  4. Cygnus X1

    Everything is changing when you touch me …

  5. Moonlit Meadows ASMR

    I love your new backgrounds!

  6. ArtistNate🎨🖌

    Hi lovely Dasha!💙 Freaking love this session!!!😁 Thank you!!!👏👏 Much love and light😊🙏🙌🥰

  7. Stephan J.

    How loose is you goose…. always enjoy you videos. I have been a sub for awhile now and when i need some serenity I come to you. <3

  8. Kingneo

    this is one of the most relaxing videos I've ever watched/listened to. thank you for this.

  9. victoria denny

    So relaxing!! Thank you!

  10. darkuzo enzo

    My sweet Dasha 😚😚
    Amazing 👍

  11. Кирил Миронов


  12. ASMR YogaVibes

    This video was so relaxing and the background was really awesome as well!

  13. Rahul Arya

    I love your way of speaking ,your cuteness your cute lips

  14. Justin Gathright

    👍!👍! Good job.

  15. Fauxtography101

    Not gonna lie. I didn’t subscribe for your looks, but your impact. You’re actually really really good at this. That said… you’re looking good girl. Getting fitter, investing time in yourself, having a man… whatever… it’s working for you.


    🐸📲 🙌

  17. Andy Leung

    I am mindless and want you to stay with my mind every day. I want to be controlled by you and talk with my subconsious mind.

  18. Brother Coyote

    Car ihsizu griner lop namaste. 😍


    This one relaxed me nicely I always get lost in those eyes of yours 😘 and as always sending love and healing ❤️✋✨🤚Namaste

  20. Manny Fragoza

    thank you and ni nights

  21. Rhonna Marsden

    I love that background, I feel a chill mexican vacation vibe.

  22. Richard Collins

    Sometimes, which I haven't checked to see if you have one yet, a good vid just talking about your life a little, maybe kiss the camera a little. And other stuff. That would be AWESOME. And that vid wouldn't have to include anything personal. Just some things you would like for us to really know about you. Why you like doing ASMR, etc. But yeah…. AWESOME!!! <3<3<3

  23. The Empress ASMR

    I’m a new subbie!! Just watched this and subbed instantly! Great session!!!

  24. Ali

    This was heavenly!!

  25. jcobra

    You always find a way to make them better each time! I'm so excited whenever I see it's your video. You always deliver amazing videos!

  26. Florell

    I love you and ur content 🙏🧡

  27. Begun Bhaja

    So nicely done… superb

  28. NGMonocrom

    So relaxed, I fell asleep. A common occurrence with your relaxing and tingly videos, Dasha. <3

  29. james Peavler

    Gorgeous background! What is it?

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